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new york landmarks

The acclaimed author- John Steinbeck had once said- “Once You Have Lived in New York, and made it your home, no place else is good enough!”. staunchly believes in the same! One of the greatest and a global power city- New York is the most populous city in the Unites States of America. A city that has tremendous influence on world markets, fashion trends, commerce flows, technology, media and art. The city of New York, also endearingly known as “The Big Apple”, is located on one of the largest natural harbors in the world. A total of 5 separate boroughs make up New York City, they are- Brooklyn, Manhattan, The Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island. With several monumental landmarks, that are globally iconic, like the- ‘Empire State Building’, ‘The Statue of Liberty’, ‘Central Park’, ‘The Metropolitan Museum of Art’, and some of the most reputed theatres, prized art galleries, massive shopping arenas- This city conquers every part of your heart! brings you luxurious holiday apartments and suave holiday rentals, at the best of prices and tons of high-end amenities.

Empire State Building
Empire State Building
One of the tallest and most iconic buildings in the world, The Empire State Building is a 381metres tall megastructure, comprising of 102-storeys. It attracts a massive number of tourists and locals, who primarily visit the observatories in the building. The 86th floor and the 102nd floor observatory are frequented by people for amazing views of the New York Skyline. The 102nd floor observatory sits atop the building and offers the most panoramic views of the neighbouring areas like New Jersey, Massachusetts etc.
The Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island
The Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island
Guess we don’t need to suggest ‘The Statue of Liberty’ to you, as you all might know of it already. A colossal and neoclassical sculpted statue, gifted by France to America. The Statue of Liberty was built in the year 1886. Also, it holds the title of ‘The World’s Largest Statue’, with a height of 152 ft. from the base to the torch, and it also weighs close to 450,000 pounds. The statue is actually of a woman in robes, representing ‘Liberty’ (Roman goddess: Libertas). One can take a short boat-ride to Liberty Island to see it! Visit the statue and see some amazing picturesque views of Manhattan and the New York Harbour.
Central Park
Central Park
A massive park which spreads onto 883 acres in Upper Manhattan, Central Park is a New Yorker’s beloved! Possibly, the most visited urban park in the world- The Central Park is also a celebrated location, having been shot countless number of times in numerous films. The park contains an array of amazing attractions, like: - Lakes, Ponds, Theatre-in-the-park, Restaurants, Cafes, Conservatories, A massive-zoo and also several art and architecture installations. Hands-down, a trip to New York is incomplete without spending an hour or two at the Central Park.


culture & shopping

New York happens to be a pivotal city for the evolution of many genres of art, music, Theatre, Music and Cinema. Over the decades, New York has seen a massive influx of artists from all over the world. This multi-ethnicity has also brought in the best of every nation, every community to the food palette of this city. It also enjoys being the headquarters for the famous ‘National Football League’ with two of their favourite home teams – ‘The Mets’ and the ‘Yankees’. It also is the ‘Capital of Baseball’, hence every sport enthusiast is drawn to this city! The city also has a unique and vibrant shopping scene. Some of the best arenas to shop are:-

Madison Avenue – One of the most upscale shopping avenues in the city. Hub of Designer retails stores.

Saks Fifth Avenue- An All-inclusive Clothing departmental store is a haven for all the top American and global Designer brands.

SoHo – Housed in Lower-Manhattan, this is one of New York’s poshest shopping arenas. Tons of stores, antique and boutique shops and what not!

In terms of food, New York has a multicultural palette which has the best of every cuisine. Some of the most amazing restaurants and diners are also easy on the pocket as well! We suggest you to take a bite at these places at least-

Spicy Village- One of the best Chinese restaurants in New York. Make sure you try ‘Spicy Big Tray Chicken’ for an amazing Chinese-fusion fried chicken. Also, customers are allowed to get their own alcohol.

The Dutch- Signature American restaurants, known for its juicy steaks and delicious burgers.

Superiority Burger- Located in Downtown Manhattan, this place serves the best vegetarian fast-food. Their signature dish is the ‘The Sloppy Dave’.

getting around

getting around

New York has plenty of options in terms of Public and City Transportation, and hence it shouldn’t be much of a worry to you. A majority of the population depends on the Subway and walking around. One can take the subway to cover long distances and avoid the traffic. The New York Subway transport covers most of the city and is the most used mode of transport. All our Vacation homes in New York have easy access to Subway/Metro stations, so you are covered. Apart from the subway, there are City Buses which provide efficient transport between all the boroughs, the Yellow and other private cabs in the city, Staten Island Ferry which is free-of-cost to ride!


staying in new york

Whatever be the duration of your vacation, and whether you are travelling with your partner, spouse and kids, a large family or with friends, has you covered with some splendid and luxurious options for fully furnished apartments in New York. Equipped with best-in-class amenities, coupled with prompt and professional servicing- these luxury Short let apartments are the best mode of accommodation in terms of competitive prices, value-for-money and also above everything else, You feel at home! Check out our stunning high-end vacation rentals in New York here, in the best and the most sophisticated neighborhoods, with security and easy access to transport options. You needn’t worry about a thing as our dedicated staff is present to address all your concerns and requests. Come be a part of’s journey.

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