Christmas Traditions in Europe

Christmas is an annual festival that commemorates the birthday of Jesus Christ. People all around the globe celebrate this festival with immense excitement and joy. Similarly, December is the joyful time when the whole of Europe is covered with thick snow and lays out the best Christmas markets. Entire Europe becomes prettier and more attractive. 

Christmas Traditions in Europe are a treat for the locals and tourists. One of the biggest attractions of the festival is the Christmas tree that is decorated with a wide range of decorative items like lights, tinsel, garlands, coloured papers, etc. It is also decorated with Christian symbols. The custom of Christmas tree decoration is taken quite seriously in different countries of Europe. 

Whether you wish to celebrate the festival in Austria, Germany, France, Belgium UK, Spain, Switzerland, Italy or any other place in Europe, you should not miss the chance to witness a typical European Christmas tree. This festival is a perfect ending to the year as it raises everybody’s spirit and fills them with a celebratory mood. People love chaos, music, and get together during this time. Tourists can choose to spend this time of the year partying in the best pubs of Amsterdam, a romantic ride in Prague, or experience staying in an igloo (glass made). European cities have a wide range of things to do and adventures to make your vacation an incredible one. Each city of Europe has its unique aroma and a series of activities that mark the start of a month-long festivity.

Let us go through the different Christmas Traditions in Europe that hold great importance:

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  1. Tromso, Norway - Amazing Holiday Celebrations

The Northern Lights in Tromso glorify the happening city. It also offers ample reasons to await the amazing Christmas glitz. This also puts Tromso as one of the top Christmas vacation destinations in the whole of Europe. The city offers lively nightlife, great local food, several outdoor activities and more that makes Tromso an ideal location for Christmas. Some of the highlights of the celebration in Tromso are as follows:

  • It has a beautiful Christmas market, decked up downtown, and live concerts.
  • Some popular attractions of the city are the Northern Lights chases, photo safaris, whale watching safaris, excursions, and an explore-worthy trip. 

2. Reykjavik, Iceland - True Celebration Vibes

Reykjavik is a thinly populated island that erupts with bonhomie and joy during Christmas. It is the capital of Iceland and is a leading destination for Christmas celebrations. The island looks like a scenic frame during this time. Some of the highlights of Reykjavik are as follows:

  • Decoration of the Oslo Christmas tree: It is an age-old tradition that has been practised for decades now. This event marks the beginning of the festive season and holiday preparations. 
  • The Reykjavik art museum, City Hall, Kjarvalsstadir, and Hafnarhus have Christmas creatures set up which remains there through the festivities. The Christmas holiday becomes memorable because of the Icelandic folklore that reflects true celebration vibes. 
  • The City Hall hosts the Winter Woods Wonderland in December. 

3. Lapland, Finland - Mighty Feast

Christmas holiday in this city feels like a fairytale because of its shimmering evenings. Lapland is famously called the Village of Santa with its high-spirited atmosphere, ice-lanterns, and picturesque starry locale. The quaint village has countryside cottages that jazz up the place. Delicious food is one of the biggest highlights of Christmas that leaves a lasting feel and taste. Some popular dishes of the festivity include casseroles, pork roast, rice puddings, and several fish dishes. Amidst the celebrations and merriment, Christmas carols create a festive vibe. People exchange goodwill gestures and experience a relaxing sauna at the end of the day. Some of the highlights of the Lapland Christmas season include:

  • Christmas mass is held at midnight.
  • Ice lanterns are made of snowballs which are used as Christmas decorations.
  • Munching gingerbread, sipping Glogi, wood-fired sauna, and spicy wine. 

4. Krakow, Poland - The City’s Glitter

Krakow is a mystic city that looks ethereal when Christmas is close. The dash of fresh snow, Baroque palaces and Gothic churches create a typical and charming, picturesque city. The age-old traditions, architectural marvels, carols, and glittering Christmas trees are what make Krakow a popular holiday destination. The festive season is celebrated here in a Polish manner that gives the perfect white Christmas. Some of the highlights of the Christmas celebration in Krakow are as follows:

  • The city hosts an annual contest called the Krakow Christmas cribs. The event is held at Central Grand Square. 
  • One of the most popular sites during this time is the Christmas market. 

5. Tallinn, Estonia - Wonderland

Tallinn is the epitome of enchanting decoration and rustic charm. The ancient city is filled with medieval structures that give a feeling of walking in a wonderland. It is also among the best cities in Europe that has a great Christmas celebration. The key attraction of the city is the Victorian Christmas market. Some of the highlights of the festive season in Tallinn are as follows:

  • The popular delicacies of the feast are sauerkraut, pork roast, gingerbread, blood sausages, local honey, and marzipan. 
  • The Christmas market will remain open from 18th November 2021 to 7th January 2022. 
  • The first Christmas tree of the world was erected in this city in the year 1441. The event took place in Town Hall Square.

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6. Cologne, Germany - The Festive Essence 

To soak in the essence of Christmas, one must visit Cologne, Germany. Nothing could be better than going for a boat ride in the beautiful Rhine’s, soaking in the city charm, listening to live music, and witnessing the gorgeous flow of the river. People can smell the festive essence in the freshly baked cinnamon biscuits, baked apples, and mulled wine. Some of the highlights of Cologne’s Christmas are as follows:

  • The Cologne Philharmonic is a concert venue that organizes live concerts for the people. 
  • One of the most famous Christmas markets is the cathedral market that uplifts the spirit of the season. 

7. Prague, Czech Republic - The City’s Charm

Prague is one of the most charming cities in Europe to enjoy festivities during this season. People can also go strolling and sightseeing in the festive markets located at Wenceslas Square and Old Town Square. The city is also well-known for its authentic food. Some of the highlights of the place include:

  • People can explore smaller and well-organized markets like Havel’s market, Republic Square, and St. George’s Basilica. 
  • Classical concerts held at historical buildings and churches are ideal.
  • There are three masses held that are quite significant and can be attended to understand the true Christmas spirit- the Afternoon mass, the open-air mass, and the midnight mass. Other churches also organize masses around Prague allowing free admission. 

Some other European cities to be visited to make your Christmas the best time of the year are, Gressoney Saint-Jean, the Italian Alps that has breathtaking views, Copenhagen, Denmark, Innsbruck, Austria where you can explore the markets, Budapest, Hungary, Zagreb, Croatia for a unique experience and more. You must book serviced apartments in the European city or cities you wish to spend your vacation at. Look at the most preferred locations and prepare your budget for a fun-filled and hassle-free experience. Remember to book in advance with !


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