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Christmas in Dublin

With its myriad of pubs and restaurants, fun loving locals and an endless supply of Guinness, Dublin is certainly considered to be a year round party capital.

If Dublin is a fun place to be when it’s not Christmas time, what’s it like when it’s party season?  If you’re enjoying extending stays in Dublin, do you have enough energy to make it through all that’s happening in December?!

christmas light dublin

It’s true to say that Dean Martin might well have been singing about Dublin when he sang the line, “Oh, the weather outside is frightful…”.  The weather in Dublin in December encourages you to find indoor activities to do.  It’s not so much “Let it Snow” as  it is “Let it be cold, drizzly and windy”.

Luckily this is not a new phenomenon on the green isle, so you won’t have any problems finding things to do in the dry and warm.  But the Irish are a hardy bunch so there’s plenty going on outside too, regardless!

If you have children then the Live Animal Crib in Dawson Street is a great visit to soak up the traditional side of Christmas.  They have live animals to demonstrate the nativity including an extremely cute donkey.

Animal Crib in Dawson Street

If you then fancy something a little bit more hair-raising then a trip to Winter Funderland might be in order?  Located in Ballsbridge this is sold as “Ireland’s largest Christmas Theme Park”, though who the other competitors are isn’t clear.

What is very clear is the Funderland Loop (rollercoaster), Christmas Market, Ice Rink and Fossett’s Christmas Circus which mean a whole day of festive fun can be had here.

Funderland Loop

On any given day of the year you can catch buskers at work on Grafton Street, but in December it takes on a more festive feel.  Not only are the songs a bit more Christmassy, but you are also more likely to see some famous faces performing for the homeless charity, the Dublin Simon Community.

These faces may include well known Irish performers which in previous years have included Glen Hansard, who as well as being a well known musician also played a busker in the film, The Commitments.

Believe it or not, Bono has also put in an appearance here in previous years!

The Leopardstown Christmas Festival is one of the world’s best known Christmas horse racing events.  If you’re into the horses (or just want to continue the party) then pull on your festive glad rags on Boxing Day and head on over.

It’s unlikely you’ll find anything to match it anywhere in the world as Christmas festivities, glamour and racing collide to bring you Dublin’s biggest Christmas party.  Aside from the festivities, if you know horse racing, you’ll also appreciate that this is a premium National Hunt race day and one of the biggest events in the Irish racing calendar.

Even a party capital like Dublin has a higher gear!  Indoors or out, rain or shine, Dublin has something for everyone at Christmas.

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