Christmas in Dublin

Dublin is the largest city and the capital of Ireland. It is a magical experience to spend your holiday vacation in this city. Dublin has a wet and grey vibe because of the Irish weather. This weather makes Christmas decorations and lights all the more splendid all across the city. 

Most Christmas events take place away from the city streets that will motivate you to explore new places. Tourists who wish to have a wonderful time in the Irish manner can celebrate their Christmas in Dublin.

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Magical Things to Do in Dublin during Christmas 

Let’s have a look at the list of magical things that can be done in Dublin Christmas 2021:

  • Grafton Street - Grafton Street is famous for the Christmas lights Dublin. The street is located on the south side of the city that links Trinity College area to Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre. This street is also called the shopping street. From food to clothes and makeup, Grafton Street has quite a lot to offer to shopaholics. It is heaven for them. 
  • The street transforms into a magical space during Christmas. The street is lightened up reflecting the whole festive vibes. The magic is felt not only in the air but in every store that is decorated in Grafton Street. The two main stores that are a must-visit are Marks and Spencer and Brown Thomas. The store of Brown Thomas is decorated with beautiful Christmas themed lights and décor. Marks and Spencer decorates its store with pretty Christmas trees. Overall, Christmas in Dublin looks best on Grafton Street.
  • Henry Street - The second most popular street in Dublin is Henry Street that is located at Liffey’s north. The street starts from the Spire and ends at Church. During Christmas people can witness loads of decorative lights on this street. One of the most special places on Henry Street is the Arnotts. Every corner of the place is heavily decorated with big nutcrackers and lights as per the traditional Christmas theme. The windows of Arnotts are beautifully decorated with snow, winter bears, nutcrackers, and moving parts. This place is an ideal location for children, couples, and friends. 
  • Private Castle Tour & Choir - The Dublin Castle is a famous attraction in the city. It is a must-visit place located on the right side of Dame Street. People must also make it a point to visit the Chapel and the Castle for a fee. The Castle tour will take almost two hours when strolling at a normal pace. There are also beautiful gardens behind the majestic Castle. People can visit the garden free of cost. The gardens are worth visiting and a good place to relax. There is a special event organized at the Castle and Chapel during Christmas. The Dublin Castle also organizes a Christmas Choir concert which is different at alternative nights. The songs sung by the Choir are traditional Christmas songs, local songs and more. Lastly, a beautiful and detailed nativity scene is presented to the audience. There is also a private party held after the concert is over. The Dublin Castle is very well-decorated during this time. Every room of the Castle has beautiful Christmas trees. 
  • Butlers Chocolate Café - People should not miss the hot chocolate served at the Butlers Chocolate Café. It is one of the most cherished places in Dublin where people can have a great festive vacation. The café was founded in 1932. It is located at the heart of the city and is one of the most-liked spots of the locals. 
  • Temple Bar Decorations - The Temple Bar is an iconic pub and is a must-visit Christmas spot in Dublin. This bar is located at the city’s heart and is well-suited to give you the Christmas vibes. The Temple Bar pub transforms itself into a magical Christmas spot when the festive approaches. There is also a huge Christmas tree that hangs above the street during this time. The décor, the music, and the excited locals cheer up the entire place, boosting each other’s Christmas spirit.

Animal Crib in Dawson Street

  • Dockland’s Christmas Markets - The Christmas Market in Dublin features around 280 stalls of craft makers, artists, artisan food producers, designers, and more. The Dublin Christmas market is situated at The Point Square. It is available for the locals and tourists only during December. There is no admission fee charged for entering the special Christmas market.
  • Phoenix Park Markets - If people wish to take a break from the city noise, they can opt to spend their time at the iconic park of Dublin- The Phoenix Park. This park is bigger than New York’s Central Park. The park is famous for its herd of deer. The Farmleigh House and Estate organize an annual Christmas event in the park for everyone. It also organizes a delightful Christmas market along with Christmas carol concerts, carriage and horse rides.  
  • Custom House’s Christmas Lights - The construction of Custom House began in the year 1781 in the neoclassical 18th century. At present, the location is home to the Local Government and Heritage, Housing Department. During the festive season, the Custom House gets projectors installed to project beautiful decorative Christmas lights. The building looks poetic and beautiful making it a charming sightseeing spot.
  • The EPIC Museum Christmas Trees - The EPIC Museum is situated near the city centre. It is a big gallery filled with cafes, shops, and tables where tourists can chill, relax, and have a snack. During the last month of the year, the EPIC museum transforms into an amazing looking Christmas themed space. Tourists can also enjoy the view of huge Christmas trees placed at the gallery along with other additional Christmas decorations. The Arch beside the Museum is also well-lit with Christmas lights and decorations in December.
  • Trinity College’s Christmas Themed Lights - The Trinity College is an iconic university of Ireland. The architectural design of the Trinity College is a must-watch when passing through Dublin at Christmas. The university also has the Book of Kells that is one of the most popular and iconic libraries in the whole wide world. During Christmas, Trinity College is lit up with beautiful Christmas lights.

Funderland Loop

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