Commuter Town Serviced Apartments

Commuting can be an arduous experience. Sadly, we can’t make the trains run on time (yet), but we can give you somewhere relaxing and hassle-free to come back to after the hard journey.

At we have a whole array of serviced apartments in commuter towns that will provide comfort after your trek to the rat race of London.


Situated in Berkshire, Bracknell is known for being a commercial centre and the headquarters of Siemens, Fujitsu, Hewlett-Packard and 3M. For those that have to commute to London for meetings and other jobs there is a regular South Western Railway service to London Waterloo.

Our own outstanding serviced apartments in the area can be accessed below:


The headquarters of Vodafone and home to some enthralling views of the Kennet and Avon Canal, Newbury offers great links to London Paddington via Great Western Railway services.

It’s also home to some of our exceptional serviced apartments that can be viewed below:



The county town of Berkshire, it’s not surprising that Reading is a vast commercial centre. Links to London Paddington are available via Great Western Railway, and the town itself is home to some great landmarks like the Reading Abbey and our serviced apartments.

See the level of comfort you could soon enjoy by clicking below:


Resting on the southern bank of the River Thames, Maidenhead is the constituency seat of the UK’s Prime Minister, Theresa May, and is home to substantial links to London Paddington. A quaint and pleasant area, we are happy to have serviced apartments that add an extra touch to the area and will soon serve as a place to kick back from a tough trek to meetings in the city.

See what you can benefit from below:


Milton Keynes

A rapidly growing area and a popular town to commute from, Milton Keynes offers exceptional services to London Euston via Virgin Trains, that run regularly. With its growing population and popularity, it’s only natural that we would have glamourous serviced apartments waiting to be filled.

View our impressive stock below:


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