Everything You Need to Know About Dubai Expo 2021

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One of the world’s biggest events is slated to take place in Dubai this year. After being postponed last year owing to the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide, the Expo Dubai 2021 is finally scheduled from 1st October, 2021 to 31st March, 2022. In spite of the postponement, the 2020 branding will be retained by the Expo organizers for marketing purpose. This World Expo was planned after Dubai was named as the host on 27th November, 2013, by the BIE (Bureau International des Expositions) at its Paris general assembly. It will be the first ever Expo in the MEASA region, covering Africa and the Middle East. People from 190+ countries will take part in the event. The event will cover a whopping 4.38 kilometers in Dubai South, near the Al Maktoum International Airport. 

The theme of this year’s Expo 2021 Dubai is Connecting Minds, Creating the Future. The sub-themes are Sustainability, Opportunity and Mobility. The areas under focus for the Sustainability segment are industries, financial capital, governance, employment and education. Mobility will focus on filling up the gap between developed areas and those which require administrative and technological intervention. Opportunity will focus on highlighting sectors and companies adhering to the central theme and tapping new opportunities.  

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About Expo Dubai 2021- More Details 

Dubai won the bid for Expo Dubai 2021 in November, 2013. Numerous cities submitted their bids for hosting the event although Dubai won by 116 votes. 164 member nations voted at the assembly. Here are some details about the Dubai Expo 2021

  • The expo 2021 Dubai will have country pavilions, a first in the history of any World Expo. Countries will offer their own culturally immersive experiences for visitors. 
  • The Dubai Expo 2021 will also have Partner and Organization Pavilions along with special pavilions dedicated to various themes. 
  • The Dubai Expo 2021 dates are 1st October, 2021 to 31st March, 2022. 
  • The authorities will release tickets along with updated information on Dubai Expo 2021 tickets prices shortly. 
  • There will be a dedicated Mobility District that builds new connections, bridges the gulf with the digital sphere and facilitates idea exchange. Experiences include riding autonomous and futuristic vehicles and learning about space exploration initiatives like the Emirate Mars Mission and UAE National Space Programme. 
  • Visitors can view innovatively built mobility devices operating on a track spanning 330 meters, covering both outdoor and underground pathways. 
  • The Opportunity District will showcase the interconnectivity of actions and daily lives. It will cover change-makers, idea exchange, social innovators and youth empowerment activities. 
  • The Program for People and Planet will encourage innovation and discussions, re-imagining the economy, respect, dignity and equality. 
  • There will be five tracks, namely Leave No One Behind, Build Bridges, Thrive Together, Live in Balance and UAE Vision 2017, exploring the biggest challenges for humanity today. 
  • A global action community will be created from 200+ participants, partners and millions of visitors.  

Expo 2021 Dubai- Biggest Attractions

  • There will be several entertainment activities, encompassing a Germany Pavilion which has a robot band recreating Beethoven’s most famous works, flash mobs, opera, pop-up theaters and a fabulous show of creatures at Al Wasl Plaza. 
  • There will be performances by school students in UAE at the same venue along with street festivals, stage shows, parades, concerts and musical events. 
  • 10 theme weeks will cover the entire 6 months of the Expo, viewing the challenges facing humanity through economic, cultural, environmental and social perspectives. 
  • Visitors can enjoy an innovative experience at the UK Pavilion, adding their voices to a continually evolving collective message. The pavilion is inspired by Stephen Hawking and has been curated via AI and designed by Es Devlin Studio. 
  • Emirates Pavilion will let visitors explore the future of mainstream commercial aviation as it will be in 2071, the centennial year of the UAE. 
  • Humanitarian drone corridors, delivery of medical supplies for remote localities and global best practices will be showcased along with healthcare innovations. 
  • Arts and culture activities will include installations, workshops and several performances. Visitors will enjoy charming calligraphy benches with delightful messages, experience the innovative Sabeel fountains designed for the Expo and enjoy Music Studio at the Jamaica Pavilion. 
  • They will enjoy viewing artwork housed in shipping containers, inspired by the International Reggae Poster Contest in Jamaica that is held annually. 
  • The Al Wasl Opera will offer delightful experiences to visitors, fusing local Emirati with the best global talents. 
  • Expo participants will discover scintillating plant-based cuisine, covering everything from kebabs to pizzas. 
  • Talabat Kitchen offers a unique dining experience with robots, showcasing 30+ concepts in a novel cloud kitchen. 
  • The African food hall brings the best Chefs together to rustle up soul-stirring dishes. 
  • Visitors will love exploring architectural landmarks like the biggest 360-degree projection surface in the world, more than 90 unique pavilions and futuristic LEED Gold & Platinum structures covering 200.000 sqm. 
  • The falcon-shaped UAE Pavilion is a major draw and was designed by Santiago Calatrava. 
  • The Belgium Pavilion will stun visitors with its arch-themed dome, designed by Assar Architects and Vincent Callebaut Architectures. 
  • Al Wasl Dome will offer the biggest 360 degree projection surface in the world, conceptualized by Gordon Gill Architecture and Adrian Smith. 
  • Enter the Hammour House that showcases a coral reef and 300 seater district stage along with walking through the waterfall. You can enter a rainforest, desert and even a miniature world at several national pavilions. 
  • Experience the biggest passenger lift in the world at the Mobility District that can take 160 individuals in total. 

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Expo Dubai 2021- Added Information 

  • The main site will encompass 1083 acres or 438 hectares between Abu Dhabi and Dubai. 
  • American company HOK has designed the master plan, revolving around the Al Wasl Central Plaza and surrounded by the Mobility, Opportunity and Sustainability Districts. 
  • Dubai will also introduce the biggest solar power project in the world at the Expo. 
  • Dubai Happiness Agenda will have 16 programs, 4 themes and 82 projects to be set off with the event. 
  • The Expo mascots are Latifa, Rashid, Salama, Opti, Alif and Terra. Latifa and Rashid are 8 and 9 year old siblings (brother and sister). Salama is a ghaf tree while Terra, Alif and Opti are the guardian mascots for the sustainability, mobility and opportunity pavilions. 
  • The Dubai Expo partners include Dulsco which is the waste partner (nationwide bus tours will be organized as part of this collaboration) and L’Oreal which is the event’s beauty partner. It will be holding numerous pop-up studios, beauty shows and salons galore. 
  • The Digital Services Premier Partner is Accenture while the Official Premier Digital Network Partner is Cisco. CNN is the official Dubai Expo broadcaster while the Premier Global Trade Partner is DP World. 
  • Key projects of the Expo include Museum of the Future, Aladdin City, Deira Islands, Dubai Water Canal Project, Jewel of the Creek and Dubai Frame. 

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