EcoGrade Advantages: Sustainable Benefits for Environment

EcoGrade Advantages has always been a pioneer in the global hospitality industry, offering the finest serviced apartments across a plethora of locations for guests. The brand has now expanded into a revolutionary sustainability programme that will reshape the contours of the industry in the near future. With NetZero legislation on the anvil for businesses, smaller companies and enterprises are choosing to make voluntary commitments in recent times. According to a report, 73% of travelers also prefer more environment-conscious accommodation options and this has led to the entire industry shifting towards sustainable sourcing, renewable energy, and greener practices.

The EcoGrade Sustainability Programme from marks the beginning of a new shift in the global hospitality industry. Apartment suppliers can now showcase sustainability scores for their properties. EcoGrade makes the sustainability assessment procedure simpler for travellers, offering clear and transparent ratings, irrespective of the source of power or location, and building a crucial benchmark in the serviced apartments segment. This sector does not currently have a benchmarking initiative which is otherwise crucial due to its nature of functioning. EcoGrade aims at being a one-stop solution for understanding sustainability within the bigger spectrum of serviced apartments. has unveiled EcoGrade with a purpose as outlined above. Here are some of the biggest benefits for customers.

Top Benefits of EcoGrade for Our Customers

1. Customers can stay ahead of the curve

With carbon reporting and NetZero commitments, customers can ensure that they are already ahead of the global shift towards sustainable and environment-conscious accommodation while travelling. This will help them contribute towards eco-friendly travel while limiting their energy usage simultaneously.

2. No additional charges

EcoGrade is meant to disseminate information transparently to customers on energy usage and sustainability scores. They do not have to worry about paying any fees for the service.

3. Being part of a continually growing community

Customers can join the EcoGrade community to be a part of a rising global trend. Serviced apartments are more sustainable than conventional hotels and with the community growing rapidly, customers will also be growing alongside with access to more exiting and new innovations in this segment throughout the coming years.

4. Clarity across key data points

EcoGrade collects vital data that helps measure the impact of its serviced apartments upon the environment. This is done by evaluating four key categories, namely energy efficiency, energy consumption, green energy suppliers, and green transportation. The methodology combines several aspects to provide customers a thorough understanding of the environmental impact of their stay. EPC experts and Government-approved data are also analyzed for more accurate conclusions in this regard.

How EcoGrade Works

EcoGrade has already won the Achievement in Sustainability for Accommodation Providers award at the Business Travel Awards Europe 2023. This demonstrates its commitment to making a difference in a global tourism industry that reportedly contributes 8% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide and where accommodation contributes 30% of this tally. The pioneering tool leverages AI and tracks various parameters to offer scores for every unit which enables customers to take carbon-conscious accommodation decisions while booking.

Recent EPC reports are analyzed for understanding energy efficiency, evaluating aspects like insulation, heating, and lighting. Energy consumption is analyzed through KWHm² (average energy usage per metre squared) as per the EPC predictions. This figure is also improved wherever possible with actual readings from meters. The higher the energy efficiency and lower the energy consumption, the more environment-friendly the apartment unit. Energy suppliers of apartments are also assessed by looking at electric, gas, and other utilities and also whether they are provided by companies who deliver on net zero carbon emission promises. While new apartments are onboarded, there is a switch made to green energy suppliers by Proximity to green transportation forms is also evaluated for apartments, including access to eScooters, bike sharing programs and other public transportation.

Summing up, it can be stated that EcoGrade builds a much-required benchmark in the serviced apartments and hospitality sector. It enables customers to take environment-conscious and informed decisions while choosing accommodation, while switching to a mindset where limiting the environmental impact of each stay is the preferred choice. Being a part of the EcoGrade community also offers an opportunity to get ahead of the curve and embrace sustainability in its truest form while traveling.

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