How to Find a Pet Friendly Apartment in Dubai

Pet Friendly Apartment in Dubai

Dubai, with a high quality of life and a growing employment industry, is great for families. But for pet parents planning a travel move, there’s an extra layer of consideration. The obvious question is, are there good pet friendly apartments in Dubai? Let’s clarify the matter. 

The UAE city has stringent pet guidelines. And being a resident, you have to follow them like everyone else. However, the pet culture in Dubai has evolved over the years. Leading to a more accommodating outlook toward pet owners. This progress further motivated the birth of many serviced apartments in Dubai. And that too with flexible pet policies. But the key to finding the ideal abode for your four-legged pal lies in proper research. 

Here’s a comprehensive guide to simplify the task for you.

Understand the Pet Scene in Dubai

Dubai is considerate of pets in diverse ways. Boardings, daycares, pet sitter services, clinics, dog parks, and many more conveniences. But, generally speaking, the pet regulations in the city are stricter. Especially when compared to other big cities like San Francisco, Paris, and so on. 

You will come across public areas and beaches that are off-limits for the pets. Specific breeds may also be prohibited in particular spots for safety-related concerns. These restrictive landscapes have an impact on the rental market. Some landowners may also not allow pets due to cultural and religious reasons. Making things further challenging for pet owners. 

But, do not let all of these discourage you. That’s because the number of pet-friendly furnished apartments in Dubai is growing at a fast pace. You can even connect with other pet owner communities. Via online platforms or pet events. Then use their firsthand insights to find the best pet-friendly apartments in Dubai.

Location Matters

The serviced apartments in Dubai are distributed at every corner. But some neighborhoods are more pet-welcoming than others. They offer a sense of belonging that helps you and your pet to settle down faster.

Here are a few localities known for being pet-friendly:

  • Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT) - This is one of the top areas to consider if you are moving to Dubai with your pet. Not only does it have a dog park, but the restaurants, and cafes in the area are also welcoming to pets. Moreover, this is an ultra-modern neighborhood. So, the pet friendly apartments in Dubai JLT provide upscale services in many other ways too. 
  • The Greens - If you are a pet parent and a nature lover, look no further than the Greens. It is a tranquil area offering a suburban lifestyle. The best thing is the pet park here allows your furry family to run around off the leash. Plus, it has a fun obstacle course and sandpit to play. 
  • Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC) - This is another excellent area to find pet friendly apartments in Dubai. And that too at affordable rates. With over 33 landscaped parks, the ambiance is green and healthy. The community is also packed with sufficient pet care shops and clinics. So, you do not have to travel far to nurture your fluffy child. 
  • Downtown Dubai - Being home to pet-friendly Burj Park, the Downtown area is great for pet owners. Especially if you have smaller dog breeds and indoor cats. The quality of the furnished apartments in Dubai Downtown is also top-class.
  • Arabian Ranches - With many man-made lakes and paths to stroll, this area is another top spot to consider. Not to forget the wide stretches of desert land. They provide the pets with enough open space to stretch their legs. Also, the district has many gated communities that offer an added sense of security. 

Dubai Hills Estate, Dubai Sports City, and the Springs also offer a favorable vibe for your pets. 

Check the Pet Policies of the Company

Each apartment in Dubai has its own set of rules when it comes to animals. Even those that allow you to bring pets. 

  1. There can be breed restrictions, especially for dogs. The regulations may be related to the nature, size, and weight of your pet.
  2. Most of the pet friendly apartments in Dubai take a pet deposit. Compare this amount with that of other companies. Also, update yourself on other damage-related policies and hidden costs. 
  3. Remember that keeping the home clean is a major requirement for any building owner. There may be a ‘pet departure cleaning' fee too.

Note- Make sure you have written confirmation of every policy. This will help avoid legal complexities later on.

Consider Apartment Type

Not all pets have the same needs. So, if your furry buddy has a special wish, do consider that. But, here are some basic amenities that make the general requirement list.  

  • Air conditioning- Dubai in summers is very hot. Temperatures rise well beyond the 100° F which is quite uncomfortable for pets. Especially those extra furry. So having an AC in your apartment is a must. 
  • Space- Bigger furnished apartments in Dubai with a layout that welcomes ample natural light should be prioritized. More so, if you have more than one pet or larger breeds. Also, give preference to easy-to-clean apartments. 
  • Luxury Pet Amenities- Luxuries come in the great-to-have criteria. But simple upgraded features can make life so much better for your furred kids. For instance, having dedicated play areas in the building is a major plus. 

Final Thoughts

Finding a welcoming abode for your pet in Dubai may be challenging. But’s homes are a safe bet. We have more than 441 award-winning serviced apartments in Dubai. A significant number of which are open to furry guests. 

Our company also ensures these pet friendly apartments in Dubai are well-scattered. So, you can find us at every popular spot. Dubai Marina, Business Bay, Downtown, The-Greens, JBR, and Trade Centre, to name a few. The booking process is also simple thanks to our easy-to-use site. Simply select ‘pet-friendly’ criteria (along with other favored amenities) from the ‘Features’ section. Then pick the most convenient haven for your baby from the sort-out list. 


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