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Indoor Activities in London – Top 26

You can take your pick from a variety of indoor activities London. The city witnesses rainy weather for a large part of the year. Hence, it is sometimes advisable to spend time indoors. What do you do at these times? Here are some suggestions worth exploring.

  1. Movies are always best – Watching a movie is always a fascinating experience. You will find classic options at the lovely Prince Charles Cinema. You can also choose something unique at the BFI Imax. You can also try the Every Man Cinema.
  2. Trampolines are fun – Trampolines are always fun and exciting! You can try this as one of the top indoor activities London. Those looking for some fun and excitement can try venturing to trampoline parks. You can try Flip Out Park. Yes it’s indoors! You can also check out the innovative laser maze here.
  3. Try afternoon tea – One of London’s quintessential activities is afternoon tea. You can venture to Peggy Porschen Afternoon Tea. Find a lovely pink delight here. The setting is spectacular under a glass dome. You will also love the aesthetic sense of the brand. This is one activity worth experiencing for sure.
  4. Shopping never hurts – Want some your-time shopping away to glory? You can check out Westfield. One of the biggest centres in London, it has everything you need. Expect to find hundreds of restaurants, cafes and stores. Everything will be under a single roof for your perusal.
  5. Ping Pong and More – If you love competing with pals, this is the place to head! Spending an evening indoors here is delightful. You can check out the Farringdon venue. Rub shoulders with the who’s who of London here.
  6. Bowling Merriment – Do you love bowling? You should check out the best London bowling alleys. They include the Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes and Rowans Bowl. You can also go to All-Star Lanes. There are many attractions like arcades, pool, and karaoke.
  7. Check out a classic pub – London has many charming bars and pubs. What better way to spend an evening or afternoon? You can catch up with loved ones over lovely conversations.
  8. Check out the best cafes/eateries – London is home to many eateries and cafes. From Michelin-starred joints to cozier alternatives, you’ll find it all. London has almost all the culinary options on the planet.
  9. Working out the blues – A workout always does wonders. Try HIIT or yoga and even boxing. London has the UK’s top workouts. You can check out FRAME studios. You can also take dance and other cardio classes indoors.
  10. Beauty Matters – Nothing much to do indoors? Brave the downpour to reach Flannels Beauty Bar. It is a unique zone. Enjoy champagne while enjoying the diverse options. You can connect with preferred therapists for treatments. There are more such choices available for visitors.
  11. Golfing Indoors – You will have a ball, playing mini golf indoors. You can find such venues mushrooming all throughout London. Swingers already has a couple of sports. Junkyard Golf has four golf courses in East London. Another top pick here is Puttshack.
  12. Escape Room Fun – You can enjoy this with your pals or family. Test your presence of mind in escape rooms. There are many such games throughout the city. You can try The Game is Now: Sherlock Escape Room. It promises a veritable treat.
  13. Relaxing Spa Treatments – Get some much-needed rest at a London spa. There are some fabulous options available at top city hotels. You can also visit a local salon for some R&R.
  14. Check out the British Museum – The British Museum is one of the most popular landmarks in London. It is bustling at all times. Yet, it has displays to mesmerize you. You can stay for a long time here. It will keep you engaged without a doubt.
  15. Umbrella Artwork – If you’re anyway sheltering from the rain, try this activity. Check out the vibrant installation at Vinopolois Piazza. It has many umbrellas floating around. You can click some fabulous photographs. Then escape indoors to view the Borough Market.
  16. Board games and more – You can try playing fun board games at Draughts. Choose from 800+ games. Top picks include Battleship and 5 Second Rule. Enjoy mouth-watering munchies here with heady brew. You can compete with friends and family here.
  17. Covered markets rule – London has an array of covered markets. You can try the lovely Borough Market or Leadenhall Market. The latter came up in 1881. You will find several outlets like Barbour and Reiss. Enjoy steaming meals from stalls. You can try the delicious dishes available at Borough Market as well.
  18. Tower of London – The Tower of London is a historic place to stay indoors. Spend a day here viewing the Crown Jewels. You will love the history and architecture alike.
  19. Tate Modern – The Tate Modern is another marvel worth visiting. This is one of the best places for indoor activities London. You will appreciate the art collections here. Both contemporary and modern art find a place. The frequent exhibitions are also a plus point. Entry is free.
  20. Check out the West End – You can hop over to the West End for viewing a show. You can check out show timings and tickets online.
  21. Natural History Museum – The Natural History Museum will keep you engaged. You can take photographs with interesting artifacts here. Check out the fabulous exhibits at the science centre. You should not miss Fantastic Beasts: The Wonder of Nature. It will be a game-changing experience.
  22. Victoria and Albert Museum – The Victoria and Albert Museum can be a go-to place. You can spend a few hours here while it pours outside. Check out the wonderful exhibits across the entire campus.
  23. Thames Cruise – While not indoors, it is still a comforting experience. You can enjoy viewing London landmarks on a cruise. Stay warm with a beverage and take photographs. Cuddle up to your significant other on this amazing cruise.
  24. London Eye – The London Eye is one of the biggest attractions for tourists. You can view many landmarks from the Eye, even on a rainy day. Check out the River Thames and Houses of Parliament. This is a good way to spend some time indoors.
  25. Science Museum – The Science Museum is a gat place to spend time inside. You can also take children along with you. There are many award-winning exhibits on offer. There are several interactive experiences for guests as well.
  26. St. Paul’s Cathedral – The St. Paul’s Cathedral is a wonderful fixture on the skyline of London. It is a great place to spend time indoors. Explore the beautiful galleries inside and the crypt.

These are some of the best indoor activities to pursue in London. The best part is that you do not always have to stay home. Serviced Apartments in London are the best option to stay in London for short term and long term stay both.

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