London Vs Singapore: Which Winter Wonderland is the Best?

Winter Wonderland is known in London as being one of its most well-known festive Christmas attractions and with over 100 rides, an 80 metre viewing platform to view the iconic sights and an entire Bavarian village lined with gifts and festive treats, it’s not difficult to see why.

Open twelve hours a day, 10am to 10pm, London’s Winter Wonderland can be a full day out or just an evening of entertainment depending on what it is you want to do. But one thing is certain and that is there’s no shortage of things to do.

For thrill-seekers, Winter Wonderland has over 100 rides and attractions, with the world’s largest transportable roller coaster; the famous ‘Munich Looping’ and the 100 feet high thrill machine ‘Air’ to really get the adrenaline pumping. Or for those that are more inclined for some evening entertainment, Winter Wonderland has a great selection of shows and events with Cinderella on Ice, the Magical Ice Kingdom and Cirque Berserk – to name just a few...

Or alternatively you can embrace the festive gift buying season and browse some of the traditional huts in its Bavarian village for that perfect gift. Indeed, no matter what you choose to do, London’s Winter Wonderland is definitely the place to get you into the Christmas spirit.

Winter Wonderland London

Winter Wonderland London

However, slightly lesser known may be that other destinations offer their own version of a Winter Wonderland fuelled with the festivities of the season.

Singapore’s Christmas Wonderland is one of these with over 57.000 sq. metres of fairground, festive markets and luminaire lights - the festive attraction offers Christmas cheer in an entirely unique setting. As many as 80 beautiful light sculptures, handmade by skilled craftsmen, flow throughout the area with the Spalliera, a sensational light backdrop standing at 22.5m tall and 20m wide. Its light displays are famed for their uniqueness and picturesque setting at Gardens by the Bay.

Christmas Wonderland Singapore

Christmas Wonderland Singapore

Set in the very heart of Singapore, Gardens by the Bay is a stunning nature park spanning 101 hectares and sits alongside three of Singapore’s waterfront gardens, so as you can imagine it’s quite the attraction on its own. Nonetheless, it adds something even more special to host the festive wonderland with the ability to skate under the stars and soak up the atmosphere or visit the festive markets for some seasonal treats. Furthermore, the Lion City’s Wonderland is slightly more child oriented with a focus on children’s small carnival rides and the 300sq. metre arctic themed Santa’s grotto where you can have a memorable photo opportunity with the man himself.

Indeed, London Vs Singapore are slightly different in their elements of  winter Wonderland, both make for a great day or evening out with some truly awe-inspiring sights, rides, seasonal food and festive cheer.


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