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Orchard Road: Top 7 Shops in Singapore's Centre

Orchard Road needs no introduction to the shopping and fashion aficionados who frequent this infamous Singapore street.

It is certainly the epicentre of Singapore shopping, of that there is no doubt, but this place could also easily be considered as the epicentre of shopping in the whole of Asia.

Orchard Road Shops in Singapore Centre Orchard Road Shops in Singapore Centre

It’s this continent’s Manhattan or Oxford Street. It would take you a full day, maybe more, to fully explore it from end to end and top to bottom. There is practically nothing that you can’t buy here and there’s the added bonus that there’s always something going on to entertain you.

There are fairs, events, showcases and other things to elongate your day and make it even more enjoyable.

And of course, there are plenty of eateries and coffee shops, giving you the space and time to rest and refuel before hitting those shops again.

Depending on how serious you are about your shopping, there’s even Orchard Road accommodation available from, in case a need for sleep gets in the way of your shopping!

If shopping isn’t your thing then there’s plenty of other activities too. There’s plenty of art to see, a roof garden to relax in, a climbing wall, top quality restaurants and much more. Simply get on one of the six ‘super escalators’ in Orchard Central and see where they take you.

But what about those shops? What exactly is there here to keep people coming back again and again? Here are a few examples of the shopping centres you can find in the Orchard Road area and the shops you can find within.

Explore the 7 Best Shopping Centre & Malls in Orchard Road, Singapore

1. ION Orchard

A futuristic building on Orchard Turn that is pretty hard to miss. It’s a futuristic looking, architectural wonder that wouldn’t look out of place in any sci-fi movie.

It’s pretty upmarket too, providing exclusive toilets and butler services for those spending a lot of money.

It’s lavish and extravagant and probably why you’ll find outlets such as Yves Saint Laurent, Cartier and Prada inside.

2. Orchard Central

This is also hard to miss as it towers above all of the other shopping malls in the area. There’s plenty on offer here, especially for the younger professional crowd, and you’ll find plenty of international labels to keep you satisfied.

Quicksilver and Uniqlo are just two examples of the international brands, there are also plenty of big Asian names to consider too.

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3. Plaza Singapura

For history buffs and the nostalgic shopper, a visit to Plaza Singapura will ensure you’ve been to the first multi-storey shopping centre that opened in Singapore, way back in 1974.

It’s not dated, far from it, thanks to undergoing renaissance after renaissance for the last 45 years!

Nowadays it’s a modern lifestyle shopping centre full of music, fashion and homeware stores. For those that look out for the British influence in the country, there is, of course, a Marks & Spencer here too.

5. Paragon Shopping Centre

For the seriously high-end shopper the Paragon Shopping Centre will tick all the boxes. If it’s trendy and current, you can find it here, whether that be in terms of fashion, sport or eating.

Jimmy Choo have an outlet here, Nike also has a concept store. Where Paragon makes a unique niche for itself, however, is its offering to kid’s designer labels. Armani Junior anyone?

6. Far East Plaza

One of the older shopping centres in the area but also one that justifies its existence with its differentiation. This is where the young, trendy but different crowd tend to make their fashion purchases. The clothes are casual, sometimes outrageous and are often one-offs from up and coming but relatively unknown designers.

However, there are over 800 outlets here and not everyone is an outrageous fashion retailer! Some offer normal accessories such as bags, belts and jewellery.

In fact, tourists flock to this shopping centre for the many electronic outlets that can be found here, most of whom offer discounts that can’t be found anywhere else in the city.

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7. Tangs

Not a shopping centre, more of a traditional department store, for those people who like to buy everything under one roof.

Traditional in this sense certainly does not mean old-fashioned. Tangs has evolved. It’s now considered a great example of the lifestyle of young, modern Asia and is very popular with locals and international visitors alike.

If you’re looking for a place to buy that unique souvenir for your loved ones then this is the place to go. If you’re looking for up to date, stylish beachwear then the same applies.


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