San Francisco - A History of Culture

San Francisco is in so many ways a city apart in the US. From a European’s point of view it is probably the most European feeling city in North America whilst still retaining its fierce American roots and absorbing a hugely diverse mass of cultures from across the world.

San Francisco is a hub for many different things. The festivals it is famous for are not only diverse in culture, the subject matter is also wide ranging from the huge gay pride parade and the Folsom Street Fair, to the Chinese New Year celebrations and Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, a huge music festival that takes place in October.

The eccentricities of San Fran culture are also evident in its buildings and architecture, furnished apartments in San Francisco are always interesting no matter where you stay.

San Francisco, USA

San Francisco is a city in California, USA.

When looking at short stay apartments in San Francisco however, consider your location carefully as you could be enjoying some of the city’s best attractions right on your doorstep. The Museum of Modern Art is located in South Market for example, attracting over 600,000 people every year.

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The Palace of Fine Arts is a sight to behold in itself and the Asian Art Museum has some of the best artwork from that part of the world to be found anywhere.

There are also museums dedicated to other cultures too, including African, Mexican and Jewish. When you get bored of culture there’s always the UFO, Bigfoot and Loch Ness Monster Museum too!

Music culture is evident in the operatic and classical music venues across the city. The companies performing opera and ballet are some of the oldest in the US.

Aside from classical music, San Francisco also has a very large foot in the door of popular music too. The 1960s saw the infamous San Francisco Sound influence the live rock world and bands such as Jefferson Airplane and the Grateful Dead started out on San Francisco and greatly influenced this movement.

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San Francisco is also the birthplace of thrash metal with the world renowned Metallica famously being based in the city, alongside other legends of the genre, Megadeth and Slayer.

Food has also played a major part in the city’s culture over the years. Many food companies base themselves in the city and San Francisco is the proud birthplace of sourdough bread and steam beer as well as being well known for its Dungeness Crabs served at Fisherman’s Wharf.

Eccentric, diverse and influential, the culture of San Francisco in a nutshell.


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