Singapore Mid-Autumn Festival 2023: What to Do

Although Singapore’s weather tends to project the feeling of never-ending summer, the city does indeed celebrate the autumn months in style. The Mid-Autumn festival is one of the city’s largest and most eagerly anticipated festivals, attracting huge crowds of locals and visitors every year. This year, the Singapore mid-autumn festival is running around 29 September  2023 (Friday), and anybody planning an extended stay in Singapore during this time should be sure not to miss it.

With traditional Chinese lanterns, parades, and what seems to be an endless supply of moon cakes on offer around Singapore, there are plenty of places to celebrate this iconic event. The Singapore mid-autumn Festival 2023 Singapore is certainly worth exploring. Check out our recommendations below to plan the perfect night. The mid-autumn festival is usually celebrated on the Chinese lunar calendar’s eighth month and fifteenth day. The date is usually between the middle of September and early October in most years as a result. This is only celebrated for a single day in Singapore where it is not a public holiday officially. The occasion is however celebrated over three days in China. 

Have a Close Look at the List of Popular and Famous Mid-Autumn Festivals in Singapore 2023

1. Festival Parade in Chinatown

Festival Parade in Chinatown

Festival Parade in Chinatown (image

Chinatown is one of the largest hosts of the mid-autumn Festival 2023 Singapore. Numerous activities and hundreds of tourists and locals flock to the area to kick off their celebrations. Chinatown’s main street has an opening ceremony for the festival while there is also the ‘mass lantern walk’, where visitors can enjoy the beautifully decorated, traditional Chinese lanterns on show.

2. Singapore Lantern Festival 2023 at Gardens by the Bay

Lantern Show at Gardens by the Bay

Lantern Show at Gardens by the Bay

Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay is an iconic part of the city, and they are also known for the Singapore mid-autumn festival celebrations. The Gardens by the Bay host an exhibition of Chinese lanterns, set amongst the beautifully landscaped trees and flowers. Visitors can wander through the display, enjoy nightly performances, and grab a bite to eat at the Asian food street. There are also fun activities for the whole family, such as lantern decorating, umbrella painting and Chinese knotting. This Singapore lantern festival 2023 is a key attraction for visitors as well. 

3. Moon Cakes at Takashimaya Fair

Moon Cakes at Takashimaya Fair

Moon Cakes at Takashimaya Fair (image

The mooncake festival in Singapore is a much-loved tradition in Chinese culture, and it is a symbol of the mid-autumn Festival 2023 in Singapore. You will find moon cakes almost anywhere you decided to celebrate the festival, but some of the best can be found at the Takashimaya Fair. There are numerous brands that will be taking part this year in the moon cake festival in Singapore. 

4. Moonstruck Performance at Singapore Botanic Gardens

Moonstruck Performance at Singapore Botanic Gardens Moonstruck Performance at Singapore Botanic Gardens (image courtesy: Choo Yut Shing -

Every year at the Singapore Botanic Gardens, there is a staged performance of the traditional story of the Lady on the Moon. The story, based on a Chinese legend, is an important part of the Singapore Mid-Autumn Festival – and under the bright light of the moon, the performance is a captivating experience in the Moonstruck Performance at Singapore.

Tips for visiting the Singapore Mid-Autumn Festival

There are a few things you should bear in mind to make the most of your vacation to Singapore during the Mid-Autumn Festival 2023:

  • To avoid long lines and congested locations, it is advisable to plan beforehand because the festival is a well-attended event in Singapore. Prioritise what you want to see and do by researching the festival's events and activities. 
  • know the exact dates and times; make sure you are aware of the precise dates before making travel arrangements because the Mid-Autumn Festival is normally observed in September or October. 
  • Enjoy the Lantern Walk as it is one of the attractions of Singapore's Mid-Autumn Festival is the Lantern Walk. Join the throng as they march through the streets with a variety of bright lanterns. 
  • Tour Chinatown during this time, you must go there because it is the centre of the festival activities. There are street performances, brightly lit lanterns, and food stands selling typical Chinese foods.
  • Try some mooncakes as well! Mooncakes are a Mid-Autumn Festival tradition and a tasty treat. Make sure to sample some of the many flavours and patterns that are available throughout the event. 
  • Show respect for the locals' traditions and customs because the festival is a cultural event. The locals are welcoming to travellers so don't be shy to strike up a conversation with locals and have a merry time with friends and family; along with the exceptional Singaporean hospitality. 
  • Don't forget to Watch the fireworks. A stunning fireworks display marks the festival's conclusion, so be sure to get a good viewing location and is highly recommended. 
  • Be cautious to stay hydrated and wear comfortable clothing and shoes because Singapore may get hot and muggy. Do check the weather and dress accordingly to easily let your hair down and jump in the festivities.

Now that you are aware of every thrilling detail, prepare for the 2023 mid-autumn festival. So be ready to experience the sights, sounds, and flavours of the Singapore Mid-Autumn Festival by packing your luggage and preparing your appetite. The lively and fascinating Singapore Mid-Autumn Festival is a celebration of the city-state's rich cultural legacy. Everyone may enjoy events like lantern walks, mooncake tastings, and spectacular fireworks displays. You may make the most of your trip to this spectacular celebration by making plans in advance, drinking enough water, and observing local festivities.

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