Top 10 Doha Shopping Malls for an Unparalleled Shopping Experience

Doha shopping malls

With a strong retail landscape, the Qatar capital is the ultimate bliss for any avid shopper. And why not? The Doha shopping malls are a luring assortment that caters to your every wish, budget, and taste. Besides being desirable shopping sanctuaries, they are also architectural marvels. So, even for those who do not own a spendthrift personality, a trip to the Doha malls is almost a certainty. These malls also paint a true picture of the city and everything it stands for. From luxury, creative flair, urban spirit, and fashion to a rich art and food culture.

The cherry on top is that most Doha shopping malls have prime locations. So, even if you are new to the city, you can access them easily using public transport. Moreover, the furnished apartments in Doha have chauffeur-driven car services. Avail them for fun hassle-free quick rides. 

  • City Center Mall

With an inclusive array of offerings, City Center ranks among the top Doha shopping malls. The five-storied lavish building boasts more than 200 retail stores. Even the high-end globals like Gucci and Louis Vuitton. Impactful regionals like Abdul Samad Al Qurashi perfumes as well. Are you looking for comfy footwear for your next trip? How about some gorgeous jewelry to match your outfit for an upcoming event? Or home decor to renovate your abode, this can be your go-to place. The mall also makes for a perfect family destination. No wonder our serviced apartments in Doha offer a direct and short route to it. It has a 14-screen cinema, kid play areas, and over 38 eateries. Even ice rinks, and several seasonal events. 

The City Center is located at the Conference Centre, Al Dafna. Timings are Saturday-Wednesday- 10 AM-10 PM; Thursday - 10 PM-11 PM and Friday - 10 AM-11.30 AM, 1 PM-11 PM. 

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  • Lagoona Mall

Lagoona Mall is 128,000+ m2 of sheer elegance. It consists of two levels with more than 160 stores and 18 food and beverage outlets. The shops are an appealing mix. Local brands go hand in hand with top names like CHANEL, Rolex, and Bang & Olufsen. The 2000+ dedicated parking spots make it all the more accessible. 

The architecture reflects the glamor of West Bay Lagoon Street where it is situated. Much like the nearby luxurious serviced apartments in Doha. From high-tech items, and cozy outdoor patio seats to stylish canopies. Subtle tone contrasts with exquisite lights, every feature exudes a premium aura. 

Visit between 10 AM-10 PM Saturday- Wednesday. For a late night out, Thursday - 10 AM-12 AM or Friday 2 PM- 12 AM is apt. 

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  • Villaggio Mall

Capture the essence of Venice in the grand setting of Villaggio. It has a total size of 360,000 sqm with well-segmented departments. Mall area of 183,000 sqm, shopping venues 90,000 sqm, luxury brands 15,000 sqm, and 3,300 parking slots. Welcoming 50,000 guests daily and 1.5 million monthly, it is also one of the most visited Doha shopping malls. And deservedly so. With so many prime brands like Dior, Prada, Tiffany & Co, Fendi, Burberry, etc. under one roof, who wouldn’t love it here? Plus there's the unique attraction Gondolania Theme Park with canals giving Venetian vibes.  

Villaggio is based at Al Waab Street. It operates Saturday & Thursday 9 AM-11 PM; Fridays 1 PM- 11 PM and Sunday-Wednesday 9 AM-10 PM. 

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  • Mall of Qatar

Inaugurated in 2016, this 500,000 sqm space has about 520 stores and services and offers a wide range of choices. But planning a day here goes beyond the traditional shopping experience. That’s because there are too many fun elements to engage in. Parents get quality stuff in grand outlets like Adidas, and ALDO. While kiddies have their best time too. Thanks to the fun 8-Pin Bowling, adventurous Xtremeland, educational Kidzmondo, and many more. Then there’s the 19-screen megaplex to watch favorite movies together. Not to forget the varied food stalls. They include coffee breaks, quick munches, yummy lunches to filling dinners. 

Located in Al Rayyan it takes about 20 minutes from the serviced apartments in Doha downtown. Operating hours are Sunday-Wednesday - 10 AM-10 PM; Thursday -Friday -10 AM-12 AM and Saturday 10 AM-11 PM. 

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  • Doha Festival City

With more than 550 stores and 100+ dining venues, this counts among the most loved Doha shopping malls. It has an amazing lineup of boutiques selling fashion, beauty, kids, home, and tech products. In short, there are gifts to shop for every occasion. Including many cream-of-the-cream brands like Harvey Nichols, Charlotte Tilbury, and Dior. Coming to food variations, you can enjoy a classy fine dining atmosphere. Grab quick bites at quirky cafes. Or have a hearty family meal at one of the affordable restaurants. Doha Festival City also has several entertainment venues. Vox Cinema, Angry Birds World, and Snow Dunes to name a few. 

The mall is near Al Shamal Road. It is open Sunday-Wednesday from 10 AM-10 PM and Thursday-Saturday from 10 AM-11 PM. 

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  • Ezdan Mall

With over 200 global brands, Ezdan is one of the finest Doha shopping malls to take in a cosmopolitan feel. It also has more than 50 restaurants and cafes serving high-quality food. Among them are Burger King, Chile, and KFC which are the ultimate snack outlets for all ages. The mall also houses Fun Ville. A pure heaven for kids to enjoy thrilling rides, play video games, and have the best moments in their lives. 

Ezdan has three branches. The Al Gharafa branch in Al Juhany St, Doha is considered the largest and the most versatile. The other two are situated at Al Wakrah and Al Wukair. The usual timings are from 7.30-12 AM but individual shop hours do vary. 

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  • Al Mirqab Mall

Mirqab Mall is a strong favorite among many. Especially those who love to collect items that represent the rich Qatari tradition. The location of the mall plays a key role in it. After all, Al Mirqab Al Jadeed St is a very renowned ancient shopping street in the country. The mall also specializes in glamorous high-street fashion like Zara. As well as luxury brands like Emporio Armani. Besides, it also presents several entertainment choices. FLIK Cinemas with the latest 2D and 3D movies. Funderdome for little children of all age groups. Hangout which has a plethora of fun activities. Arcade/ Console games, Virtual reality spaces, and many more. There’s also an indoor trampoline park to ‘Jump’ to your heart’s content. 

The mall is open daily from 8-12 AM. Friday hours begin at 10 AM. 

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  • Landmark Mall

Ever since its inception in 2000, the Landmark Mall has made its mark as one of the most accomplished Doha shopping malls. It honors a conventional Qatar castle with classic turrets and reminiscent architectural intricacies. But in a modern urban setup with several open-air cozy spots and wide boulevards. Coming to the various top brands it has on board, the list is pretty extensive. Beverly Hills Polo Club, R&B Kids, Johara, H&M, Claire’s, Pandora, and whatnot. Then it has the Circusland for out-and-out entertainment. While food stations Starbucks, Mcdonald's, Opera Cafe, etc. cater to your food cravings. 

Based at Al Shamal Road, Gharafa, Landmark Mall is open every day. Saturday-Wednesday 9 AM-10 PM and Thursday-Friday till 11 PM. 

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  • Tawar Mall

The Tawar Mall with 300+ stores is a haven for shoppers. What’s even better is that it has an amalgamation of items of all price ranges. Meaning, the collection features premium items. But you will also find quality budget-friendly local/ international lines. Among them are Riva Kids, Reeha perfumes, The Face Shop, DIVA ON, TROY, and Voile. The mall also has a fabulous array of food options. Coffee shops, fine dining, modern treats, and a Food Court with all your loved snack franchises. 

A trip to Tawar Mall also calls for total entertainment. Movie time at Novo Cinemas, hearing the Royal Arabian tale at Old Soup, interesting games at Noor Land, and so on. 

This Al Markhiya St. mall operates Saturday-Wednesday 10 AM-10 PM and till 12 AM on Thursday and Friday. 

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  • Gulf Mall

Summing up our list of best Doha shopping malls is the Gulf Mall at Al Oyoun Street. This is a Business Trading company-owned property that covers about 90,000 sqm in three well-curated levels. The structure resembles a spectacular fortress with authentic architectural facets of the country. As for shopping, you will find brands of every category. Health & Beauty, Accessories, Kid/ Men/ Women Fashion, Electronics, and the list goes on. The options include world-famous names as well. Like Victoria's Secret, Jockey, Adidas, and Beverly Hills. For entertainment, it has a cinema, Lego & Trampoline, EPP Ball, Go Fun, Animal Ride, and Kids train. Food choices are pretty extensive too.

The usual mall hours are Saturday-Wednesday 10 AM-10 PM and Thursday-Friday up to 11 PM. 

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Final Thoughts

The Doha shopping malls are as impressive as the gorgeous Qatar city itself. They make a fun shopping and leisure affair for every kind of visitor. Book serviced apartments in Doha to stay close to them. We are based all over Doha including on-demand spots like Al Dafna, Najma, West Bay, and Downtown. 


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