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Top 10 Hong Kong Attractions & Travel Guide

With a fascinating history intertwined within the modern, iconic Hong Kong skyline, there is a huge range of things to do in this fascinating city. Here are 10 top-rated Hong Kong tourist attractions:

1. Hong Kong Disneyland

This has to be number one on your list of things to do in Hong Kong with kids. Built on an area of reclaimed land this is the largest theme park in Hong Kong.

You’ll find all the usual Disney delights such as Main Street and Fantasyland, patrolled by all of your favourite characters. But you’ll also find a strong nod towards Chinese culture. For example, great care was taken in the design of the park to incorporate feng shui.

Hong Kong Tourist Attractions

2. Historic Peak Tram

Whilst you’re deciding on the Hong Kong tourist places, why not take a trip on the tram up to the peak and see all the places at once?! Running from 7am until midnight, the tram makes its way up Hong Kong’s famous mountain offering those who dare spectacular views of the city from the top.

3. Temple Street Night Market

If this was a top ten of things to do in Hong Kong travel guide at night then this would be at the top of that list. It’s difficult to put a theme on this market as the wares are just so varied. Clothes to electronic gadgets, elaborate fans to watches, copies of famous paintings to sex toys. There’s even fortune tellers and karaoke stalls nestled amongst all the bric a brac!

hong kong skyline

4. Happy Valley Racecourse

If it’s a Wednesday night and you haven’t got a ticket to the races then you most certainly are missing out. This is one of Hong Kong’s most popular institutions and for anybody who likes a flutter it’s a must visit with its eight midweek races. Even if gambling isn’t your thing it is still worth a visit just for the spectacle. Aside from the racing there’s a large beer garden that’s also worth seeing!

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5. Wong Tai Sin Temple

If you’re looking for something a little more sedate after the frenetic energy of the race then a visit to a temple may sound tempting. However, bear in mind that the Wong Tai Sin Temple is one of the busiest in Hong Kong, it’s also one of the biggest however and well worth seeing.

Hong Kong Buddha

6. Ocean Park Pandas

Ocean Park is an aquatic theme park but it is also famously home to two of Hong Kong’s favourite residents, two giant pandas. The pandas are housed as near to their natural habitat as possible and they are normally fairly easy to spot as they dine on their favourite bamboo. Once you’ve enjoyed the pandas you can see everything else the park has to offer, seals, dolphins and penguins, all up close and personal.

7. Tai O Fishing Village

If you want to escape the city and get a taste of Hong Kong’s historic past then this is a great way to start. The village is one of the Hong Kong tourist place left in the world which still has bamboo houses sitting in the water on stilts in the traditional way. Known as the Venice of Hong Kong this is also a good location to try dried seafood and traditional snacks at the old village market.

Hong Kong skyline 2

8. Ozone

Although not verified, this bar is marketed as being the highest in the world. It may well be, it’s difficult to argue when you’re sitting on the 118th floor of the Hong Kong Ritz-Carlton Hotel, sipping Martinis, Cosmopolitans and other posh cocktails. Or maybe you’re just too mesmerised to argue, the views are truly stunning.

9. The Islands

Visit all of Hong Kong’s outlying islands, they make a nice change from the city. Actually visiting all of them would be a tall order, there’s more than 250 of them at the last count! Some of them are merely rocks jutting out of the sea but others are a destination unto themselves. Try Tung Ping Chau for starters. This is a Unesco listed site which can be explored and camped on for a great change of scenery.

Hong Kong travel guide

10. Cantonese Opera

Well worth a night out even if European opera isn’t really your thing. The ornate costumes are unforgettable with huge headdresses and black, white and red face-paint. The singing and the theatricals aren’t bad either. Catch this spectacular at the Yau Ma Tei Theatre.

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