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Top Brunch Spots in Paris

Having brunch in Paris is a quintessential experience for travellers. You will enjoy the gastronomic delights available at the best restaurants in Paris. Brunch has become a fixture in Paris. And it is not about the cuisine style; you can find everything from French to other global dishes on the menu. 

Restaurants in Paris for Brunch

  1. Big Mamma Paris                    Big Mama                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Big Mama (Image Courtesy: 

A Trattoria par excellence, this one is for Italian lovers. Enjoy digging into sumptuous Italian fare at these restaurants. The restaurant chain includes Pink Mamma Paris as well. It is where you can expect a hearty brunch in the city. 

  1. Loulou Paris                                  Loulou Paris                               Loulou Paris ( Image Courtesy:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

    How about a Michelin-starred brunch? One of the top restaurants in Paris, this one offers riveting Italian fare. Try the crispy suckling pig or fish carpaccio here. 


  1. Echo                                  Echo Restaurant                                  Echo Restaurant (Image Courtesy: How about a Michelin-starred brunch? One of the top
  2. Sunday in Soho                                            Sunday in Soho                                                          Sunday in Soho (Image Courtesy:

    Brunch enthusiasts should not miss Sunday in Soho. Book your table in advance for a sheer treat. Enjoy the quaint décor and hues inside. Savor American-esque brunches including pancakes and granola bowls. Dig into scrambled eggs and toast, avocado toast and more. The B.E.C. is a favourite. It comprises English muffins with scrambled eggs and bacon. Accompaniments include home fries and cheddar cheese.

  3. The Hoxton Paris BrunchThe Hoxton Paris Brunch                                   The Hoxton Paris Brunch (Image Courtesy:

    The Hoxton is a four-star joint. You will love the Hoxton Rivie Restaurant here. Get the feel of a classic French brasserie whipping up old favorites. The Blueberry Pancakes are a must-try along with the French Toast. Rivie’s Benny or the Eggs Benedict is also worth trying. 

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  1. Les Marronniers                                         Les Marronniers                                                                     Les Marronniers (Image Courtesy:

    Lying in the Le Marais District, it offers scintillating brunches. Expect to enjoy tea, coffee and hot chocolate alongside. You’ll love the way they make the hot chocolate by mixing hot milk and cream. The other hits include mini pastries, juice, eggs, muffins, avocado and more. In fact, if you’re feeling indulgent, order some champagne. 

  2. Le Galadines CreperieLe Galadines Creperie Le Galadines Creperie (Image Credit:

    It is where you will enjoy feasting on galettes and crepes alike. Berries, cream crepes and Nutella make for a potent combination. 

  3. Eggs & Co.                        Eggs & Co.                                  Eggs & Co. (Image Courtesy:

    Eggs & Co. lies in the Saint-Germain-des-Pres district. It is an ideal destination for a relaxing brunch. Egg-based dishes feature on the menu with incredible plating. You will fall in love with the rustic yet clean vibe of the place. The French theme is a major hit along with tempting sides. Some of them include young potatoes and Parmesan cheese. The café remains chock-a-bloc throughout the day but you’ll find a place. It has charming environments all around. The outdoor tables are big draws for visitors as well. You should not miss trying the Benedict Eggs. They may pair up with any side that you choose here. 

  4. Café de Flore                         Café de Flore                                        Café de Flore (Image Courtesy:

    Café de Flore is one of Paris’ oldest such coffee houses cum restaurants. It opened its doors in 1887 and was host to several celebrities. Even today, the who’s who of the city come here for brunches. You can dine here till the evening and start from the morning itself! Enjoy feasting on crispy croissants in the morning. The Parisian brunch includes lobster salads with citrus and avocado. You can visit here without making reservations. Advance bookings are still a better idea to ensure a table. For brunch, you can choose various kinds of omelets. You can also try scrambled or fried eggs. You can also feast on diverse egg-based dishes here. Prices vary on the basis of the items chosen. The omelet with wild mushrooms is a delicacy worth savouring here. Make no mistake, it is a fancy joint by all means. 

  5. Buvette Gastrotheque          Buvette Gastrotheque                              Buvette Gastrotheque (Image Courtesy:

    This brunch hotspot came up in 2011. It is the brainchild of Jody Williams, the noted executive Chef. It offers Paris’ best brunch in a picturesque location. In fact, the brand now has branches in New York City and London. Other outlets include Tokyo and more regions. You will love digging into classic European bistro specials here. They whittle up a mean spread at the joint. The brick exterior design is a charming touch for this French bistro. It is a classic joint with a contemporary feel. Lying near Montmartre, it offers a chic and enchanting décor theme. There is a tin ceiling with wonderful artifacts dotting the walls inside. Once you are here, expect to love the Croque monsieur. It is decadent French toast with custard cream. You will also love gobbling up mint-fresh scones with orange coloured marmalade. This restaurant is one of the best for finding the classic Croque monsieur in Paris. This could be a costly affair but it is fine dining at its finest. There are coffee and fresh juice options galore. People usually prefer the pineapple, apple and melon juices. 

  6. Marcello                            marcello restaurant                            Marcello Restaurant (Image Courtesy:

    Looking for a taste of Italy in Paris? Marcello is the place to be! Lying within the fashionable 6th Arrondissement, it offers stylish décor. You will appreciate the city vibe inside along with the indulgent specialties. Try the truffle burrata and crispy croissants, complete with hazelnut-chocolate cream. Enjoy savoring the American pancakes with mascarpone toppings. Brunch starts from 8 AM each day at this fashionable joint in Paris. 

  7. Fragments                       Fragments Restaurant                                          Fragments Restaurant (Image Courtesy:

    If it is something trendy and comfortable you seek, then Fragments it is! You will fall for the avocado toast here. Of course, imagine two massive bread slices with spread. The topping has poached eggs for added flavours. The café offers a lovely garden view at the back. You will love the seasonal granola here as well. 

  8. Coffee Parisien                 Obamac Burger                               Coffee Parisien (Image Courtesy:

    Coffee Parisien brings a taste of Manhattan to the city. You will love the red sofas, juke box and classic theme. Foodies will enjoy the chicken and waffles here along with pancakes. There are amazing treats like the steak and eggs too. Brunch starts from noon and it stays full with visitors throughout the weekends. 


  1. Maison Sauvage             Maison Sauvage                              Maison Sauvage (Image Courtesy:

    This one does it in unique style, with its wild plant varieties and floral themes. The glamorous Rude de Buci location is a plus. You will enjoy the healthy and fresh treats on offer for brunch. They open from 7 AM onwards. 


These are some of the most enchanting places to have brunch in Paris. Classic, charming and indulgent, they cater to true foodies. You can come across many more such restaurants and cafes in Paris. After all, the city has global fame for its gourmet meals and variety.  A short term rental in Paris lets you explore Paris like a local, live like a local, and discover the city as a local.

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