Fun Facts about the Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower opened on 31st March, 1889. It became one of the world’s biggest landmarks over the years. On that note, here’s presenting some fun facts about the Eiffel Tower. These are some interesting facts about the Eiffel Tower. They may change your perspective. They will help you view the attraction in a whole new light.

Eiffel Tower Facts Worth Knowing

Here are some Eiffel Tower facts and history nuggets that you will love: 

  • It was once an entrance – The Eiffel Tower came up as an entrance for the 1889 World Fair. Paris was the host for the Exposition Universelle back then. Innumerable artists sent plans for a landmark structure at the Champ-de-Mars.
  • Eiffel et Compagnie built the Eiffel Tower – Paris gave the commission to this company. It was a construction and consulting company under the ownership of Gustave Eiffel. He was a noted architect, bridge-builder and expert on metals. He also contributed to the Garabit Viaduct in the 1880s. It was once the world’s highest bridge. Before getting this project, he helped in designing the Statue of Liberty.
  • Eiffel did not like the original design – Legend goes that he rejected it. One of his employees, engineer Maurice Koechlin created the design. Other creators included engineer Emile Nouguier and architecture head Stephen Sauvestre. The initial Koechlin sketches were quite minimalist according to Eiffel. He advised the inclusion of more detailing and the rest is history. The final design obtained his approval in 1884.
  • Manpower and Metal Aplenty – 300 workers built the Tower over two years, two months and five days. They built it from 1887 to 1889, using 18,000+ individual metallic components. 2.5 million rivets came into play along with 40 tons of paint.
  • The Eiffel Tower once went till 985 feet – The Tower went up to 985 feet after completion.
    It was the world’s tallest structure once – Till 1930, the Eiffel Tower was the tallest in the world. The New York Chrysler Building surpassed it with 1046 feet thereafter. The Empire State Building topped this at 1454 feet sometime later.
  • The Tower ran into protests – A committee of 300 members protested against it. They found it useless and monstrous. Yet, their protests fell on deaf ears. The committee included names like Alexandre Dumas Jr and Guy de Maupassant. 
  • The Eiffel Tower became popular right away – The 1889 World Fair was very successful. The Tower took a lot of credit for the same, drawing almost 2 million visitors. They helped the Fair make profits, buying tickets worth $1.4 million.
  • It came up only for 20 years – You will find it intriguing to know that the Eiffel Tower was a temporary structure. The authorities planned to demolish it in 1909. It was a temporary structure.
  • The Eiffel Tower is not stationary – The Eiffel Tower is not a stationary structure. Gustave Eiffel confirmed it in The Resistance of the Air in 1913. The design is such that it can overcome strong winds, swaying by 4.5 inches at the most. 
  • It has three levels in total – The Eiffel Tower has three levels, beginning with the first at 189 feet. It has an observation zone and reception room. There is also a souvenir store and art show here. You will also find the 58 Tour Eiffel restaurant at this level with a transparent floor. The second level is at 379 feet. It also has another observation deck. The Le Jules Verne restaurant is a big draw here. The topmost level offers gorgeous views from 905 feet. It also comes with a champagne bar.

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  • The Tower has seen daredevils – The tower has seen several crazy activities over the years. Pierre Labric (future Montmartre mayor) cycled down the stairs in 1923. A woman married the tower in 2007. She changed her name to read as Erika La Tour Eiffel
  • It gets fresh paint after seven-year cycles – 60 tons of paint come in handy for repainting. It happens after every seven years. Under the ownership of the City of Paris, SETE operates it. The full form is the Societe d’ Exploitation de la Tour Eiffel. 500+ citizens work for the SETE here. The job positions include security personnel, tour guides and more. They also work at the restaurants, boutiques and shops in the Tower. 
  • The tower closed during the War – German forces occupied Paris between 1940-44. French fighters cut the lift cables, forcing Nazi soldiers to climb the stairs. The Eiffel Tower shut down during this period. In fact, Hitler reportedly asked for the monument’s demolition. 
  • Movies love the Eiffel Tower – Filmmakers have an innate fascination for it. A View to Kill is memorable, with James Bond chasing the assassin here. The Man on the Eiffel Tower came in 1949. It had Penguin Burgess Meredith playing a crucial role. The Lavender Hill Mob also had the tower figuring in the backdrop. Innumerable movies have shown the landmark over the years. 
  • Bollywood and the Eiffel Tower have a connection – How is it connected to Bollywood? Maurice Koechlin was a relative of Andre Koechlin. Who is he? The great-grandfather of noted Bollywood actress Kalki Koechlin.

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  • Night photography of the Tower is illegal – The Eiffel Tower sparkles every night. The Illumination Show is popular globally. Yet, taking and sharing night-time pictures is illegal. The Government claims copyright over the same as artwork.
  • Hand repainting is a key feature - Hand repainting has taken place 18 times over the years. It has changed hues to red-brown, bronze (now) and yellow. Traditional hand-painting methods come in handy for this exercise. Only buckets and paintbrushes are the only things allowed.
  • The Eiffel Tower has its ice rink – Did you know that the Eiffel Tower has its ice rink inside? It is a recent addition, staying operational in peak winters. It remains active between December and February. It rises 200 feet from ground level, offering gorgeous Paris views.
  • The Eiffel Tower is the world’s biggest tourist attraction – It gets 6 million+ visitors every year. It is the world’s highest-visited attraction without a shred of doubt.

These are some of the most fun facts about the Eiffel Tower. The landmark deserves a visit on your part. It is a part of global history and architectural advancement. It carries a rich legacy within the hallowed stairs and levels. Going to Paris is incomplete without exploring the Eiffel Tower. In fact, an entire day here is a blissful experience. Serviced & furnished apartments in Paris are among the options for accommodation near Eiffel Tower.

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