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Since the California Gold Rush began in 1848, San Francisco has been one of the US’s most important financial hubs on the West Coast. As time has gone by and the world has shrunk thanks to the improvements in transportation, the Bay continues to be a fantastic international location to work from, located almost equidistant between the major world cities of London and Tokyo. 

The area is well known as being home to hundreds of media companies and Silicon Valley is the birthplace of many of the new technology companies that dominate the world today.  

However San Francisco, being the finance capital of the West Coast, is also home to some of the largest banks in the US. Anybody looking for a job in world commerce should consider the area as a potential location for a job with great earning potential. 

Research and development arms of major pharmaceutical, genetics and medical electronic companies also have major developments here. There are approximately 1,600 companies working in the life sciences arena that could have jobs available. 

San Francisco and the surrounding area is also a major tourism hub. In fact tourism is one of the largest industries in the area, bringing in revenues of over $9 billion every year. Tourism is also the industry which employs more expats than any other. 

If you’ve decided to move to the Bay area for work and you have a serviced apartment in San Francisco all ready to go, the next thing you’re going to need is that dream job. Here are some well known companies based in the area that may have jobs you want to apply for. 

Business in San Francisco

Wells Fargo 

One of the four big banks of the United States, Wells Fargo actually refers to itself as a financial services company.  

In terms of total assets it is the fourth largest bank in the US but in terms of market capitalisation it is the second largest bank in the world. In respect of being a good company to work for, as recently as 2015 it was considered the 22nd most admired company in the world and the 7th most respected. 

It has 8,200 branches and 13,000 ATMs across the country but its headquarters are right in the middle of the city of San Francisco. 


The infamous world phenomena that is the YouTube video sharing website needs very little introduction. It was only founded in 2005 but this Google subsidiary now sees over 400 hours of content uploaded every minute and one billion hours being watched on the site every single day. 

With all those cute cat videos to get through you could be forgiven for forgetting that YouTube is a company which you could have the opportunity to work for. It’s based in San Bruno and in January 2016 opened a complex which can house up to 2,800 people. 


One of the largest social networking companies in the world, Twitter boasts more than 320 million active users who post hundreds of millions of tweets every day. It is used as an important live news tool, has been the scene for debates and is a great way to stay in contact with your favourite Kardashian, of course. 

The company has 25 offices in major cities across the world but is headquartered in San Francisco. The company employs around 3,500 people worldwide and requires people to work across a number of areas, not just developers and programmers. 


Pixar Animation Studios, to give it its full name, is a computer animation film studios which is part of Disney. 

Pixar’s history is a well told story, having started out as part of the Lucasfilm group, before Apple’s Steve Jobs became the majority shareholder in the 1980s. Disney then acquired the company in 2006. 

At the time of writing the studio had produced twenty full length feature films from Toy Story back in 1995 through to Incredibles 2 in 2018.  

The headquarters is in Emeryville is a campus with earthquake proof constructions, including the Steve Jobs building.  

Pixar attracts not only animators but people from the world of physics, mathematics and geometry. Modern animation requires much more scientific input than more traditional methods used in the past. 

Living in San Francisco 

Whilst looking for a job in the area consider corporate housing in San Francisco. These are often serviced apartments, not always available to the public, which offer far more home comforts than a hotel room. They’re certainly an ideal base from which to start your search for your dream Californian job!

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