Top 9 Neighborhoods in Bristol to Stay with Family and Kids

Top Neighborhoods in Bristol to Stay with Family

Nestled along the River Avon, Bristol is a beautiful tourist destination. Both as a small weekend getaway and a longer holiday retreat. But do you know that the neighborhoods in Bristol make for ideal abodes to raise a family? From a sense of safety to great educational centers, the city caters to every necessity. It also has ample career growth opportunities for parents to earn handsome figures. Coupled with a strong multicultural social life that brings desirable harmony to life.

Not to forget, the serviced apartments in Bristol are of the finest quality. Besides being cozy havens, they provide several work-related amenities. Work desks, business centers, and free Wi-Fi, to name a few. This enables you to work from home and balance your time with your kids.

Here Are the Top Family-Friendly Neighborhoods in Bristol with the Best Living Standards

1. Old City

Old City is a general favorite among many visitors. And deservedly so. Be it the historic gifts, photogenic cobbled streets, or trendy eateries, it ticks a lot of boxes. There’s also a relaxing oasis in the form of Queen Square, which is a perfect spot to chill on warm days. While St. Nicholas Market is there to fulfill your shopping desires. From street food, baked items, clothes, and arts, to antiques. It even has affordable vegan and farmer’s markets with the freshest produce. The options for accommodations in Old City are pretty diverse too. 5-star hotels and lavish serviced apartments in Bristol to budget hotels.

old city bristolold city bristol (Image Courtesy:

2. Harborside

For a tourist who prefers to be close to the waterfront, Harborside is a great choice. In the past, it used to be a bustling port. But today, it is a dynamic entertainment district with a wide array of attractions. Brunel's SS Great Britain, the restored 19th-century passenger ship turned museum. The 12th-century Bristol Cathedral with all its age-old glamor. The Bristol Aquarium with extensive marine displays to educate kids about underwater life. The Millennium Square with art installations and shopping options. Harborside also has several Sunday markets and hosts many fun activities. Cycling, paddleboarding, rowing, and many more.

Harborside BristolHarborside Bristol

3. Old Market

Old Market is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Bristol. For both brief and extended travels. Thanks to the fascinating assortment of residential and commercial spots it offers. A feature that makes you experience both worlds. Vibrant and touristy nightclubs and bars for crazy night outs. As well as authentic laid-back areas with peace of mind. The place also catches the eyes of history buffs. That's because it is a Conservation Area of national significance. An honor it has, due to the several timeless, well-preserved wonders it holds. Old Market also has the title of being Bristol’s ‘Gay Village’ and hence is LGBT-friendly.

Old Market bristolOld Market bristol  (Image Courtesy:

4. Clifton

If you want to take in the classy side of Bristol, then choosing Clifton over the other areas makes total sense. It has gorgeous Georgian townhouses, upscale boutiques, and high-end dining. Also, some of the grandest serviced apartments in Bristol. In short, Clifton presents you with every aspect that adds to the affluent style of living. There is no shortage of tourist attractions, too. Among them, Clifton Suspension Bridge, Clifton Observatory, and Bristol Zoo Gardens are gems. You can also hike the trails of National Trust Leigh Woods, situated across the river. It is a protected forest with several historic sites amidst lush greenery.

Clifton BristolClifton Bristol

5. Cotham

Cotham is rated as one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in Bristol. And why not? It is a calm residential locality apt to enjoy daily life minus the constant hubbub. Yet stay close to all the happenings in the city center, which does not make your days too boring. Plus, the district is quite posh, with many chic bars, fancy boutiques, and upscale eateries. Transport is equally good. You have Montpelier and Redland train stations within a few meters. Bus stations like Cranbrook Road, Bay 17, and Bristol Bus Station to get to nearby spots. Even the airport is just around 9.8 miles away.

Cotham bristolCotham bristol (Image Courtesy:

6. Broadmead

For shopaholic guests, Broadmead is a smart pick. It has the popular Cabot Circus mall complex with a variety of products to meet your retail desires. There are also independent shops and boutiques offering specialty items. From renowned brands like Zara to local crafts and eye-catching souvenir stores. You can have your share of greens too, thanks to Castle Park. The serene heaven even features medieval castle ruins and modern sculptures. Broadmead also has many good universities within close range. School of Oral and Dental Sciences, and Access Creative College Bristol, to name a few. So, if you are moving long-term to Bristol, this is a good point to consider.

Broadmead bristolBroadmead bristol (Image Courtesy:

7. Stoke Bishop

Stoke Bishop, with its lively community and gorgeous properties, is one of the best neighborhoods in Bristol for families. If you have children studying at Bristol University, this area is almost a first choice. The locality is centered around the humble village hall and several shops in Druid Hall. Along with multiple small local businesses. Sufficient green spaces all around, make the atmosphere very calm and relaxing. So, whether you are a dog owner who goes out on frequent strolls. Or an early-morning jogger/ cyclist, you will love this place. The presence of St. Mary Magdalene Church doubly intensifies the homely charm of the area. This place of worship also hosts several concerts, plays, and parties.

Stoke Bishop bristolStoke Bishop bristol (Image Courtesy:

8. Redcliffe

Redcliffe is a large and lively commercial hub and offers the very best of Bristol. Defined by Avon and bordered by Old City, Broadmead, and Old Market, it is a convenient central locale. The ever-thriving site also houses many notable bars, cafes, and nightclubs. Making it a perfect base for the younger folks to engage in diverse entertainment. All while limiting their travel hours to a minimum. Besides, there is Temple Meads Station, which connects you to several parts of the UK. For trippers, the St. Mary Redcliffe Church is a prominent attraction. It is a stunning 15th-century church representing Gothic architectural beauty.

Redcliffe Quay bristolRedcliffe Quay bristol

9. Stokes Croft

Strokes Croft, with its bohemian air, is one of the coolest neighborhoods in Bristol. It is very popular for its interesting street art and culture. Guided strolls by the graffiti-clad walled lanes are a must part of the Bristol tour for any tourist. Among the famous street art, don’t miss the works of beloved artists like Inkie and Banksy. The area also houses many local and vintage boutiques to grab unique fashion pieces. With many family-owned eateries, cafes, and pubs, delectable food is another major highlight of Stokes Croft. And that too at pocket-friendly prices. For those unaware, Strokes Croft is undergoing new developments. So, you can expect grander things related to this neighborhood in the coming future.

Stokes Croft BristolStokes Croft Bristol (Image Courtesy:

The wonderful neighborhoods in Bristol make the English city a desirable stop. Each area is charming, with its highlights to suit the varying wishes of Bristol visitors. Most of them are also family-friendly, which encourages permanent moves. We are happy to share that has serviced apartments in Bristol based in most of these areas. So, no matter which part of Bristol you visit, you will find us welcoming you.

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