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Why Tokyo is the Business and Leisure Hub for Everyone

All cities and cultures are unique in some way, but there is something about Tokyo that takes your breath away, regardless if you are visiting from a nearby similar Asian culture or from an ultra-modern Western culture. 

Perhaps it’s the sheer audacity it has in daring to not just work as a city but to flourish and excel. The towering glass skyscrapers across the street from traditional wooden temples, the huge, peaceful, green gardens alongside the bustling busy streets. The ultimate juxtaposition of traditional and ultra modern. Luxury serviced apartments in Tokyo overlooking a historic shrine. 

Tokyo can be the ultimate city for playtime as well as the hub for some serious business, another clash that works. Here are some of the business and leisure highlights. 

Why tokyo is the business and leisure hub for everyone

Tokyo for Business 

If you’ve never had the opportunity to visit Tokyo on business then the chances are you will in the future as it maintains and even increases its popularity in the business world. It is home to an average of 225 international conferences every year and this figure is increasing, meaning that whatever industry you work in you’re likely to be linked in some way to the Japanese capital. 

Fortunately, access to Tokyo from across the world is fantastic. The city offers two international airports, both modern, state of the art operations which offer in excess of 2,230 flights each and every week. 

Staying in Tokyo is simple too, whether you want to try one of the 98,000 bedrooms available in hotels across the city or whether you want to try a furnished apartment in Tokyo city centre. 

If you need a venue for an important business meeting then that can be catered for too.

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If you’re thinking of moving your business to Tokyo then you won’t be short of quality potential employees. Tokyo is home to over 150 cutting edge universities. As an established business hub with multiple multinational companies, you also have an experienced workforce to call on too. 

The Japanese have a fantastic reputation for innovation and cutting edge technology which is due to a deeply ingrained eye for detail and precision. However, they are also world-renowned for their positivity and general attitude of ‘service with a smile’. It’s a unique temperament that would be a benefit to any company employing people in the country. 

Companies based in the city also enjoy strong support from national, regional and local government bodies. The Tokyo government has a long term objective to support existing and new businesses within the area in terms of financial aid for meetings and events being held in the city. 

If you want your business to succeed in Tokyo, you can count on the support of Tokyo itself! 

Tokyo for Pleasure 

Tokyo is a fascinating city to visit and if you get time away from your job or if you are lucky enough to be visiting solely for pleasure then there’s plenty to see and do. 

Tokyo also has the added bonus of being a very safe place to visit. It has consistently ranked as the number one safest cities in the world.  

Not only that, but visitors to Tokyo have also frequently been taken aback by just how staggeringly clean the city is. 

If you normally stay in hotels around the world it might be time to try something different during your visit? How about a furnished apartment in Tokyo? It can be based in the city centre, close to all the attractions, with the added benefit that you have so much more room to relax at the end of a long day of fun. 

An apartment is also a great place to prepare meals for yourself and save money. However, you certainly don’t want to miss out on the highly rated eateries that Tokyo is famed for. There are 80,000 plus restaurants in Tokyo and there are more Michelin stars here than anywhere else in the world. It’s not just Japanese cuisine either. You’ll also find places offering quality cuisine from all over the world. 

In terms of attractions, Tokyo has a great mix of historical and modern. For the former, places like the Imperial Palace, the Sensō-ji Temple, the National Museum of Nature & Science and the Meiji Shrine are all must visits. 

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For a more modern take on Tokyo, try the Tokyo Skytree, Ginza District shopping and Tokyo Disneyland. 

There’s another great reason to visit Tokyo in 2020. The city is to be the home of the Olympic Games! 

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