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Furnished Apartments in Back Bay

Located in the heart of Boston, Back Bay is a prime neighborhood that cannot be missed. Alongside the Charles River, be it the waterfront views or shopping at Newbury Street, this place is a must-visit if you wish to get the feel of Boston. Brownstone buildings with an urban plan that mirror Paris, Back Bay has a vibrant unique charm. From the tallest skyscrapers of Boston to the best entertainment, shopping and dine-ins, if you are looking for a modern yet unique vacation, you should definitely consider staying at Back Bay. The has an expansive inventory of serviced apartments in Back Bay to provide you the best staying experience. 

Some of Our Top Serviced Apartments in Back Bay are:

Each of these furnished apartments in Back Bay is exclusively designed to keep the modern and sophisticated neighborhood vibe intact. You will find premier furnishing, energy-saving modern appliances, and all the luxurious amenities you get in a resort or a hotel. From high-speed WiFi connectivity, flat-screen TV, fully-equipped modular kitchen to a separate bedroom with an attached bathroom, you get complete privacy and comfort when you decide to stay at our serviced apartments in Back Bay. 

Where to Stay in Back Bay

Back Bay is one of the exclusive neighborhoods of Boston. This scenic neighborhood has restaurants, upscale shopping malls, beautiful churches, Instagram-worthy row houses. From Newbury Street to Commonwealth Avenue to Copley Square, you will find our serviced apartments in every part of the neighborhood. There are multiple hotels and resorts available in Back Bay. However, if you are looking for a place you can call home and avail all the benefits of staying in a hotel or resort, our fully furnished apartments in Back Bay will be ideal for you.

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More about Back-bay, Boston

Facts About Back Bay

Back Bay was not this gorgeous waterfront neighborhood until the 1860s. The place was filled with trash and sewage which used to go to the river during high tide. To expand the taxable land in Boston and connect Beacon Hills with Fens, the city government started cleaning up this area. And as a result of that, Back Bay, the beautiful waterfront neighborhood of Boston was born. The picturesque brownstone row houses of Back Bay were built by wealthy residents and developers, in the 1900s and this became the city’s most posh and uptown neighborhood. These are considered as best-preserved examples of 19th-century urban architecture in the United States and Back Bay is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places. 

Weather in Back Bay

The best time to visit Back Bay, Boston is during the months of spring and fall. You can also travel during the summer months as the temperature remains around 27 degrees celsius. Winters in Boston are cold and snowy and mostly not too popular among tourists.