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The finest of our rentals are located right in the heart of Central Square, Cambridge. Whether you like staying close to the exciting nightlife of a new city or you prefer local food varieties nearby, our catalogue has been consciously picked keeping these advantages in mind. As Massachusetts’ official Cultural District, the detailed interiors and furnishings of each rental only add to the extensive range of experiences that the thrilling neighbourhood offers. 

Our Top Furnished Apartments in Central Square

Each one of our furnished apartments in Central Square is laden with a crisp set of facilities that offer you the freedom to cook what you like and as you like. All the attractions and daily essentials are accessible from your doorstep. Enjoy a great movie on Netflix right in the living room with Wi-Fi and flat-screen TV or just immerse in a cosy read in your master bedroom. You will be taken good care of in this little abode in Central Square.

Some of our finest picks of furnished apartments in Central Square that guests go gaga over can be skimmed through right below:

Where to Stay in Central Square

As a meeting point of four very distinct neighbourhoods, furnished apartments in Central Square offer excellent location picks. You can choose from Western Avenue, Prospect Street, Riverside, the Port or Mid-Cambridge, and Cambridgeport. While Harvard Square would squeeze your wallet, Kendall Square would be a good pick for any tech-related business stay. Such is the unbelievable range of spots that this not so residential junction of multiple neighbourhoods allows guests to enjoy.


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Facts About Central Square

Just like most of the neighbourhoods adorning Massachusetts, Central Square enjoys a factual history and popularity of its own that certainly must not be missed. From some of the finest wall arts attracting people to an integral commercial center, this part of Massachusetts holds significant importance of its own.

A bunch of fascinating facts that guests admire the most here include:

  • Central Square proudly became the office Cultural District of the state of Massachusetts in 2012. 
  • The neighbourhood was once almost demolished completely during the 1950s. It was raised from scratch.
  • Thanks to the MIT's proximity, innumerable start-up offices, and research centers have been shifted here in the past decade. No wonder it is one of the most popular start-up hubs in Cambridge.
  • The extremely diverse graffiti scenes here (Graffiti Valley) enjoy a notable history.
  • Actor Ben Affleck calls Central Square his home. 
  • Of all the neighbourhoods mentioned above, Central Square is the ultimate center of commerce. 

Weather in Central Square

Summers are any day the more preferred weather here in Cambridge. Warm summers range majorly between 22°F to 82°F. Winters on the other hand are wet and quite cold. While tourists have their respective favourites as the weather is partly cloudy all year long, the best time suggested by locals ranges from late June to September.