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The diverse neighborhood of East Cambridge is not as easily affordable as it was a decade ago. Its connectivity with the Kendall square – the tech hub of Cambridge, MIT, Downtown Boston, and Charles River along with easily accessible public transport for tourists has made it very competitive amongst buyers. There are many cafes, bars and restaurants in the town which makes it interesting for travelers as well. If you are also traveling across any of the above destinations and looking for a rented space, we have a wide range of premium, yet budget-friendly furnished apartments in East Cambridge. Our abodes have luxurious bathrooms, private bedrooms, and a balcony with a lot of privacy and space. They create an ideal space to relax in the heart of Boston. 

Top Furnished Apartments in East Cambridge, Boston:

Our serviced apartments in East Cambridge ensure a top-class service and a sense of comfort for guests flying to Boston from all around the world. These are covered with facilities like 24 hours hotel-style reception, concierge desk, maid services, car parking, lift access, central heating, and room service.

Where to Stay in East Cambridge

The central part of East Cambridge is the best place to stay if you are looking for a short-term stay. Irving Street is one of the busy streets that are home to the most popular rental accommodation and vacation homes in the town. 

If you want to stay in the most connected area of East Cambridge, Roger Street, and Leighton Streets are also your other options. These are the places you will find the most commercialization as these are also well connected with major railway stations of the city. There are nice coffee shops and restaurants around the town which gives the city a lifestyle. Moreover, Cambridge is known for its great institutions and universities, of which the University of Cambridge is well known. With our furnished apartments in East Cambridge mushroomed in the finest and the most secure locations of Boston, you don’t have to worry about studying the maps and stats of a new city that you are traveling to.

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Facts About East Cambridge

Here are a few interesting facts about the city that will make you want to right away book your furnished apartments in East Cambridge:

  • Cambridge, MA is known for its two world-famous universities namely Harvard and MIT.
  • People of Cambridge are called Cantabrigia, the Latin name for the same.
  • Students studying from Cambridge are called ‘Tab’ by Oxford students.
  • East Cambridge has a majority of Portugues and Irish natives.

Weather in East Cambridge

The winters are long and summers are short-lived in East Cambridge. Winters are very cold, windy, and wet, whereas summers are comparatively comfortable. Temperature ranges from 40 degrees to 65 degrees Fahrenheit across the year. January is the coldest month and July is the hottest, sometimes the temperature in summers rises to 75 degrees.