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With neighborhood Taringa and West End brushing closely, the Brisbane neighborhood of Toowong comprises parts of the wards of Paddington and Walter Taylor. Toowong is largely remembered for its institutional pubs and rich cafes. If you are someone who likes to work with music and chill after hectic travels, then the area of Toowong is for you. All the cafes, pubs, and restaurants fall into the right proximity if you have our serviced apartments in Toowong picked for you.

After long touristy days and party nights, you will need a comforting place to crash. With our portfolio of warm fully furnished abodes here, this is the most trusted living experience you can pick for yourself in this new city. 

Most Trusted Serviced Apartments in Toowong for Tourist and Travelers

Our cozy homes bring in all the facilities such as toiletries, wardrobes, and furniture. It has a fully equipped kitchen with a fridge, microwave, and other essential equipment. The equipped kitchen from us is to offer comfort food and healthy eating habits even during your stay. For entertainment, we have free Wi-Fi connectivity and big flatscreen TV with a cable package and subscriptions. Apart from wooden flooring, furnishings, and a welcoming vibe, proper health safety and security measures have been taken to make your stay safe. Some properties also come with access to a swimming pool for leisure. 

Where to stay in Toowong? 

The prestigious area of Toowong is about 1.544 m square. The blue-chip area is declared as Brisbane’s most livable suburb. The declaration was made by professional service firm PwC as the place offered them sustainable public and commercial space. Along with the professional offerings the place has exotic and cherishing pubs, where one can have party moments and business meetings. With all the clubs and bars to the soothing green environment, this place has everything to offer to the stayers. The main attraction of Toowong is Brisbane General Cemetery. 


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More about Toowong, Brisbane

Facts about Toowong

Some rare facts that make guests look forward to their stay at our serviced apartments in Toowong are: 

  • The western side of Toowong has Queenslander-style detached houses that are extended to the foothills of Mount Coot-tha. 
  • The place has more population of females than males. The population of Toowong is 11255 people, comprising 50.20% of females and 49.8% of males. 
  • Toowong had a pool with a spread of 25 yards. The pool was designed by James Birrell and was demolished in 2003 to make ways for the development of an office tower. 
  • The location has bus and train as the routes passing from the western suburbs. 
  • The last astonishing thing about Toowong is its grave. The place has 120000 graves. 

Weather in Toowong 

Toowong witnesses the coldest weather in June and July with a maximum of 20 degrees Celsius. It has a summer temperature between 21 degrees to 29.8 degrees. It experiences the highest rainfall too with huge thunderstorms and occasional floods. The most preferred time to visit here is from April to November. The place experiences average temperature and humidity as reported by NOAA, National Oceanic, and Atmospheric Administration. With our serviced apartments in Toowong designed for all weathers, enjoy the best stay in the heart of Brisbane with us.