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Fully Furnished Apartments for Rent in Woolloongabba, Brisbane

Woolloongabba is the inner suburb between South Brisbane and Kangaroo Point. Serviced apartments in Woolloongabba for rent that are close to charming streets are a must. Through our equipped abodes, enjoy each location without any extra travel. 

Booking the abodes at Woolloongabba in advance is safer. The abodes get instantly booked during peak season. Sign in for the abodes that give you a home vibe even if you are away from home. It is important to find peace when you return from your hectic meeting or after a tiring journey. Crash into our cozy bedroom apartments. We got some extra benefits for our stayers who can use them on a complimentary basis. 

Top Serviced Apartments for Rent in Woolloongabba for Tourists and Travellers

Our recent survey states that the kitchen is the first thing a stayer will look for in a vacation rental. It is always ideal to look for a kitchen with a range of equipment to meet comfort food habits. Our furnished apartments in Woolloongabba offer equipped kitchens. The kitchen equipment includes toasters, coffee, tea, cutlery, and an electric hob. Our stayers will get everything in the kitchen that supports basic cooking techniques. As our apartments are in the suburbs, the stayers can go grocery shopping. We have rooms full of amenities for your complete rest. Guests get a flat-screen TV, air-conditioning, and a docking station. 

Each apartment has modern comforts for business and leisure travellers. The quarter bathrooms are also furnished and have toiletries considering the modern needs. No wonder booking a serviced apartment at Woolloongabba can make your stay comfortable. You can also make use of our in-house car parking services. With an on-site gym and swimming pool, enjoy outdoor leisure. 

Where to Stay in Woolloongabba

As a traveller, you need an apartment near Woolloongabba's hype location. Most stayers travel 20 minutes extra from their abode to the fantastic locations. With our abodes, travel less and enjoy each location of Woolloongabba. Our homes are near restaurants like The One Mile, Canvas Club, and Frankie's Smokehouse. If moving and exploring restaurants, find your me-time in Pincadia. This place is 5 minutes from our centrally located apartment. No matter what, you can find the best locations all around our listings. 

Facts about Woolloongabba

 The place has two aboriginal meanings. The first is "whirling waters," and the other is "fight talk place." We have a bunch of facts about this great suburb. You can make the most of it around our furnished apartments in Woolloongabba. Grab the list below: 

  • The Gabba is the Brisbane Cricket Ground that can accommodate 42000 people. 
  • The place has an ancient restaurant named The Norman Hotel. The restaurant has been there since 1890. 
  • For solo travellers, there is a major taxi depot in Woolloongabba. 
  • Princess Alexandra Hospital is one of the famous hospitals in Woolloongabba. 

Weather at Woolloongabba

Woolloongabba experiences a cloudy type of climate. It is famous for rainfall across mornings and afternoons. 

Winters are quite dry here. You can consider visiting this place in August. Business or leisure calls are best when they are sudden. To support this unplanned trip and make it more memorable, we have our furnished apartments for rent in Woolloongabba. With these facilities, each abode is air-conditioned and awaits to host you comfortably.

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