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Australia’s capital is known as a city of cool, with its diverse social landscape, multitude of fashionable hangouts and burgeoning arts scene. The city offers visitors the unique opportunity to experience a modern metropolis, with expansive parks, wide boulevards and stunning 19th century architecture, as well as some of the best national parks and wildlife reserves anywhere in Australia. The city’s seamless merging of modern and historic, built and natural, give it a truly unique appearance and coupled with its electrifying atmosphere, make Canberra one of the world’s most intriguing cities to visit.

Where to stay in Canberra

As Australia’s capital, Canberra naturally has some fantastic options when it comes to accommodation. From luxury hotels to backpacker hostels, the city has something to suit every budget. A particularly cost effective option for those planning an extended stay in Canberra, is to check into a serviced apartments. These properties not only offer many of the benefits of a traditional hotel, but also give an enhanced level of privacy, as well as enhanced features, such as secure access and full kitchen facilities. Whether you need a small studio or large scale corporate housing, the can match you with the perfect property to suit your needs and budget.

What to do in Canberra

Canberra is a city that begs to be explored. As Australia’s illustrious capital, it offers everything you may expect to find in a modern metropolis, as well as plenty of attractions and secrets that are purely its own. Many first-time visitors often find they are content to simply walk around the central areas and enjoy the diverse architecture, occasionally popping in to one of the numerous artisan cafes.

As the home of Australian parliament, Canberra has many political sights - including the Museum of Australian Democracy, the Royal Australian Mint, and Australian Parliament House itself. There are also numerous other museums in the city, ranging from world-class modern art galleries to venues showcasing the country’s proud military accomplishments.

Canberra is also an ideal place for excursions, with several sprawling national parks being within easy reach of the capital. Whether you are looking for epic vistas, or simply looking to spot some of the region’s incredibly diverse wildlife, numerous tour operators offer trips from a single afternoon safari to multiple days and nights of trekking. Taken altogether, Canberra is a city that offers everything the intrepid traveller could hope for in a destination.

Tips for staying in Canberra

Places to eat

It’s hardly surprising that Australia's capital offers some of the best dining experiences available anywhere in the world. Water’s Edge Restaurant, the Boathouse and Aubergine Restaurant are some of the best option for contemporary Australian fine dining, with Wild Duck Fine Asian Cuisine being another option for those looking for something more adventurous. Anyone just looking for a casual bite to eat will find that Trevs @ Dickson is the perfect blend of quality food in a relaxed and social atmosphere.


Canberra is a great place for those seeking a little retail therapy.  The Canberra centre is arguably the number one place to go if you are looking for everything under one roof - with some 310 stores ranging from high street fashions to consumer electronics. There’s also the Westfield centre, which offers around 270 shops and services in a modern mall complex. Anyone looking for cut-price shopping will also find the Canberra Outlet Centre offer big savings on designer labels and interior furnishings.


There’s no shortage of tourist attractions in Canberra, ranging from must-see landmarks to local curiosities. First-time visitors will probably want head to the National Museum of Australia, which has various interactive exhibits charting the city’s development, as well as the striking Australian War Memorial. Those who enjoy the outdoors can head over to Australian National Botanic Gardens, which is set beside the equally impressive Black Mountain Nature Reserve.


Those wishing to travel around Canberra’s central urban area will find the extensive bus network operated by Action covers all the major areas, as well as most of the suburbs. For longer journeys, towards other cities in the region, then there plenty of rail services operating out of Canberra station, as well as several long-distance coach operators. Alternatively, bicycling is an increasingly popular way of getting around, with plenty of cycle paths in  the city centre.

Local Business

Administration and  public services are the  biggest contributors to Canberra’s economy, with several Australian Public Service agencies being headquartered locally and employing around 33% of the city’s total workforce. Tech firms are also becoming increasingly prevalent - especially those on government contracts, such as Tower Software and RuleBurst. Of course, there are also plenty of tourism operators based locally.

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