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Cincinnati Furnished Corporate Housing

Every person needs the best place for holidays, studying, and many more purposes in general and Cincinnati, from the United States of America is always one of the best places to consider. Many different kinds of furnished rooms, apartments, and other accommodation options are available here with several kinds of affordable and relevant price structures. There are many furnished apartments in Cincinnati available with modern equipment, infrastructure, amenities and conveniences.

Some of the best furnished apartments in Cincinnati include:

These places offer many facilities which include kitchens, flat television, high-speed internet connectivity, and so on. These furnished residential apartments and corporate housing in Cincinnati provide the most congenial and pragmatic approach for anybody who is looking to reside in the city of Cincinnati for both temporary and lifelong purposes.

Benefits of Booking Furnished Apartments in Cincinnati

This place offers many full furnished apartments with many relevant additional amenities. There are also advantages available regarding all legitimate and constitutional aspects which are entirely taken care of for guests like no charge, agency fees, maintenance rate, and bills and more. These guests do not need to worry about other facilities as furnishings like all furniture, cupboards, dressing tables, and utilities are available. There are sometimes many other fitness amenities like space oriented grounds with gyms, swimming pools, and many more.

Corporate Housing in Cincinnati

This place is very popular mostly for the business travelers regarding short business trips. This area also offers in general many additional amenities including many facilities like private access, flat screen TVs, high-speed Wi-Fi and many more. These fully furnished Cincinnati corporate housing offer comfortable living and practical solution for anyone looking to stay in Cincinnati for both short and long term basically business purposes. These types of corporate housing in Cincinnati are ideal options for business visitors to the city. 

There are also some fully furnished short term rentals in Cincinnati with many additional amenities combining comfort and conveniences with short time rent purposes. These have many facilities like private access, flat screen TV, high-speed Wi-Fi and many more. There are many more of these kinds of rooms available named as Brookstone village, Baldwin, Avalon, and many more.

Holiday Apartments in Cincinnati

This popular area in general offers many full furnished apartments with many additional amenities combining comfort and convenience with all the modern smart amenities to create the perfect holiday stay. There are many advantages available regarding relaxed stays or perfect holidays with facilities such as furnishings, bedding, cutlery, and accessories, flat screen TVs, high-speed Wi-Fi and many more. There are sometimes many other fitness amenities like gyms, swimming pools and many more. There are many kinds of popular holiday apartments available here.

Where to Stay in Cincinnati

Cincinnati has several popular residential locations for visitors including Avondale, Queensgate, West End, Clifton, and Eden Park.


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Bath Towels
Microwave Oven
Washer / Dryer
Iron and Ironing Board
Chopping Board
Trash Can
Knife Spatula Set
Bedside Table
Coffee Table
Dinning Table and Chairs
Bathroom Amenities (soap, shampoo, etc)
Toilet Paper
Make Up Mirror
Cots or Cribs
Secure Entry System
Carbon Monoxide Alarm
Gas Safety Check
Electrical Safety Check
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Wheelchair Accessible
Onsite Restaurant
Pet Friendly
Private Cinema
Rooftop Terrace
Smoking Allowed

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Frequently Asked Questions

Things to know before booking villas in Cincinnati

There are over 8 serviced apartments in Cincinnati with more being added every day. In total, TheSqua.re has over 250,000 apartments across the globe that are waiting to be booked. Book Now .

Prices start from £110 per night and increase from there. Bear in mind that the type of apartment and number of guest will affect the overall price. Book Now .

To see a selection of Cincinnati offers, please visit our offers and coupon page .

Choose a part of Cincinnati you want to visit and search for the perfect stay for you using our easy search tool. Begin your search here .

Some of the apartment buildings in Cincinnati will offer bed and breakfast or gym membership, whereas others may provide them with an extra charge. The apartment listing will make that clear. Other services include airport pick-up, meet and greet and so much more. Book your stay here for the full TheSqua.re experience.

That depends on the policy of the apartment/building management. You may have to enquire first when making your booking in Cincinnati serviced apartments.

Serviced apartmentsCincinnati have all the features of home, are centrally located and have other astounding attributes that make them better than hotels, as covered here .

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More about Cincinnati

Facts About Cincinnati

There are many amazing things to do here in Cincinnati. Some of its unique facts include the following: 

  • Cincinnati was settled back in 1798. 
  • It derives its name from Lucius Cincinnatus who was born in Rome around 519 BC. 
  • The city has one of the biggest abandoned subway networks in the USA that was abandoned. 
  • The nickname of the city is Porkopolis with flying pigs a fun part of its sub-cultural motifs. 

Cost of Living in Cincinnati

 Here the average estimated monthly costs and expenses of a single person are basically $2,240 approximately. This will go up for families accordingly. 

Tips for Visiting Cincinnati

Here are some tips that you should follow:

  • Use public transportation as much as possible. 
  • Walk as much as possible
  • It is impossible to avoid crowds, so get lost in it to enjoy ultimately
  • Always shop for daily essentials at local stores and supermarkets to save money. 

Things to Do in Cincinnati

There are many activities available here like gardens, zoo, museums, restaurants, cafeterias, conservatory and many more attractions.

1. What are the most popular things to do in Cincinnati?

There are many famous and popular things available here like art museums of Cincinnati, the zoo, botanical gardens, museums, Findlay markets, Breweries over the Rhine, parks and more.

2. What are some free things to do in Cincinnati?

There are some free time things to do here like the Eden park, Art museum, walking around the riverfront park, art galleries, hidden library and many more.

3. Does Cincinnati have many romantic attractions?

Cincinnati is a great place for romantic experiences as well. There are also many gardens, cafeterias, and couple friendly romantic getaways by the river.

4. What are the most family-friendly things to do in Cincinnati?

There are many family friendly things like art museums of Cincinnati, botanical gardens, museums, Findlay markets, and more. 

5. What are the more unusual things to do in Cincinnati?

There are some unusual things to do here as well such as the Lucky Cat museum, haunted tour of queen city, gangster tour, antique malls and many more.

Places to Visit in Cincinnati

Some of the top places to visit include the following:

  • Findlay Market
  • Krohn Conservatory
  • American Sign Museum
  • Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden
  • Cincinnati Art Museum

Places to Eat in Cincinnati

There are many popular places like Boca, Sotto, Krueger’s Tavern, Capital Grille, Nada, Losanti, Nicola’s and many more.

Street Food in Cincinnati

There are many kinds of popular and delicious street foods available like Cincinnati style chilies, Piper’s cafe, Goetta, BBQ Sauce, Greek Gyros and many more. There are also many more like Buckeyes, Saundra’s Kitchen, Whole Bowl, and others. 

Shopping in Cincinnati

There are many kinds of shopping malls, markets and other shopping hubs here. Some of them include the following: 

  • Antique mall
  • Findlay market
  • Hyde park plaza
  • Rookwood Commons and Pavilion
  • Kenwood center

Transportation in Cincinnati

There are many kinds of public transportation available here and they include the following: 

  • Cincinnati metro services
  • Bus services
  • Taxi services
  • Bicycle services
  • Electric scooters and rental cars

Weather in Cincinnati

This area has pleasant weather in general throughout the entire year, with the coolest month being January. This has average temperatures as low as 25 degrees to a high of 40 degrees approximately.