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A residential enclave of South Delhi, Hauz Khas neighbourhood can be called as the pulse of the capital’s creative scene. This tiny, quiet, green and not so crowded (except on weekends) neighbourhood is home to cool urban creative communities. During your short-term stay in Hauz Khas, make sure to enjoy a stroll around the historic Hauz Khas complex to feel the vibrant atmosphere that the place has to offer. This place is home to cultural and historical marvels like the medieval madrasa, tombs and the mosque. The lake gives it a village-like charm in the heart of city. The area is a very popular hangout place among youngsters and professionals alike as there are plenty of options to hang out until late including upscale cafes, pubs and restaurants, all within walking distance.

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Serviced apartments in Hauz Khas

This centrally located neighbourhood in South Delhi offers both rustic and sophisticated environments, which makes it a good place to call as home. The neighbourhood is like a wishing well of urban fantasies, a place where the chic bohemian can live at ease. Hauz Khas area is an amalgamation of history, culture and creativity, showcasing the neighbourhood in a new light. During your extended stay in Delhi, do not miss the opportunity to explore this beautiful and vibrant neighbourhood like a local. You can choose to stay in our serviced apartments in Hauz Khas that are beautifully decorated and well equipped with modern amenities to make your stay comfortable and relaxing. If you are planning a short term stay in Hauz Khas, there are many options available that will suit your preference and budget.

Culture & shopping in Hauz Khas

Named after the ancient water reservoir, Hauz Khas neighbourhood is surrounded by Green Park, Gulmohar Park and Asiad Village, and has one of the largest green cover in Delhi. In the 90s, restaurants, boutiques and shops started sprouting in this neighbourhood and today it has over 40 restaurants, pubs and cafes to cater to the varied tourists who flock to this area. If shopping is something that you can’t get out of your mind, then you must visit the Hauz Khas village market to discover the hidden gems of designer boutiques for handicrafts antiques and designer clothes. Some of these exclusive boutiques include Purple Jungle, Nappa Dori, Ole Couture, Bodice, The Grey Garden and more. The area is filled with cafes, tattoo parlours, reading rooms and a buzzing nightlife. There's no better spot in the capital to enjoy this vibe.

Getting around in Hauz Khas

Hauz Khas is very easy to navigate and is well-connected by road and Metro to all the city centres. The area is situated close to Green Park and Safdarjung Development Area, it is served by the Hauz Khas metro station on the Yellow Line. The entrance to the metro station is on the Outer Ring Road and since 2013, Gate No. 1 has been closed due to construction of another metro line. From Central Secretariat, travelling time to Hauz Khas metro station is around 18 minutes. If you are travelling by bus, the nearest bus station to Hauz Khas is the ISBT Bus Station but there are no direct buses plying on this route. Further, Hauz Khas is also accessible via private cabs.