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Where to stay in Al Nahda 2, Dubai

Peaceful and serene residential area, Al Nahda 2 is famous for its namesake park, providing running tracks, palm-shaded walkaways, and a lake overlooked by domes of Al Zarooni Grand Mosque and ornate minaret. If you are traveling solo or with your partner on a month-long trip, a furnished studio for rent in Al Nahda Dubai, monthly will definitely be a perfect pick.


Facts about Al Nahda 2, Dubai

Al Nahda 2 is ornamented with high-rise studio apartment buildings that reside alongside university campuses, a few mid-range hotels, and schools. Moreover, juice bars, global dine-ins, and fast food take-outs found throughout the area make it an obvious place for dwelling. Some facts about Al Nahda 2 are as follows:

  • Al Nahda, one of the most popular residential areas in Dubai has derived its name from an Arabic term which means awakening or renaissance.
  • This place forms part of Dubai’s eastern border with Sharjah’s emirate.
  • This community like Muhaisnah was originally carved out of the Al Qusais’s industrial areas but in recent times has undergone massive residential development.
  • Some of the landmarks include Al Nahda pond park, Dubai Women’s College, Sahara Centre, the Khalid Lake, Al Majas Island, and the Mamzar Beach Park.


Weather in Al Nahda 2

Al Nahda has a hot desert climate with two distinct seasons summer and winter. Summer ranges between April and October. Al Nahda is characterized by hot weather, high humidity, and hot wind. Although rainfall is scarce during the summer months yet frequent dust storms prevail in this area. During this period temperature climb above 38 degree celsius during the day and during the night it falls to around 26-degree Celsius. Strong thunderstorms accompanied by strong westerly winds and low temperatures are not uncommon in the city.