Serviced Apartments Dubai Expo

Serviced Apartments Dubai Expo

Dubai is hosting Expo 2020 from 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022, this year. If you are looking forward to visiting Dubai during this occasion, then you need to book your rentals as soon as possible. Our Serviced Apartments Dubai Expo is available for pre-bookings and is going to offer you some great deals on such an occasion. The main site of Dubai Expo 2020 is located between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The sub-themes of Expo 2020 are Opportunity, Mobility, and Sustainability. Don't miss out on this chance of visiting Dubai during the Expo 2020.

Our Best Serviced Apartments in Dubai Expo

We have more than 345 serviced apartments in Dubai and the price range of these apartments is affordable. With the unique blend of traditional and modern interior decorations, we have added the best in class features and basic amenities for our clients. Also what attracts tourists are the location of these apartments, rental units and available transportation nearby. 

Each of these apartments is designed by keeping in mind the needs of people traveling to Dubai. It serves a family of two to six members, large travel groups, corporates, couples, basically everyone else. 

Some of our best service apartments in Dubai Expo are: 

Facilities at Our Serviced Apartments in Dubai Expo

In a distant land, what people look for is a home-like feeling with a better experience of a foreign destination. We keep in mind what you need. It is not just about ambience but also the freshness, hygiene, safety, security, comfort, and convenience. We give you all these at an affordable price. Staying in such apartments gives you a better feel than conventional accommodation as you get whatever you want. All the basic amenities are available with the staycation charges, while you can ask for premium services with additional charges.

The kitchen is well-equipped with crockery, utensils, oven, pans, while the dining table is loaded with beautiful tableware. The lighting creates a mood and relaxes after a long day. You can work from these apartments, and we offer free WiFi for making your jobs easy and convenient.

The bedrooms have large beds according to your needs. They give you a cosy and relaxed sleep. The large living room is no less attractive and is the only place where you can spend most of your time watching TV shows. 

With additional charges, you can get maid and laundry services. Also, you can get access to our conference room, dining hall, swimming pool, gym, etc. Though these facilities vary and also the prices.

Before booking, make sure you do proper research on these apartments, and check out their location. Also, determine the size of apartments, number of bedrooms, size of beds, etc. beforehand.

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