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The iconic Jumeirah Island of Dubai brings in stunning engineering marvel sites for each visitor to gaze at while enjoying a luxury stay with us. With wonderful sites, cafes, and nightlife the place beholds some of our most wonderful serviced apartments Dubai. Each visitor will need a place to find solace at the end of their day and serviced apartments in Jumeriah Islands Dubai will quench this need for comfort. 

Top Serviced Apartments at Jumeriah Islands Dubai 


Our top-notch serviced apartments in Jumeriah Islands Dubai come with a beautiful rooftop terrace. The apartments have wooden flooring, are air-conditioned, and have an internal car parking facility also. To save the kitchen shopping time the abodes already have a fully equipped kitchen that includes an oven, toaster, dishwasher, large fridge, and many more. Leisure and entertainment purpose brings in the private swimming pool, whereas the entertainment is ensured with Wi-Fi friendly abodes with a flat-screen television. Enjoy the waterfront view to the fullest. 

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Where to Stay in Jumeirah Islands Dubai

The man made Jumeirah island comprises 46 other islands and is a celebrated collection of luxury residents with exquisite waterfronts. The combo of greenery and water steals hearts and brings in surreal vibes with massive villas majestically sitting across the group of islands. The serviced apartments in Jumeirah Islands Dubai are worth investing in as it is planted in the tasteful locations of Jumeirah Village. Near every apartment, one will find a garden area for evening parks, cafes, and exciting restaurants. 

Facts about Jumeirah Islands Dubai

Date Palm, that is what the Island is called. It stretched 5km into the Arabian Gulf in a date palm shape. Read along with the more mind-frosting facts about this manmade island. 

  • 7 million tons of rock were blasted from the Hajar Mountains to create this. There are no concrete slabs involved to make this lavish location. During the process, 120 million cubic meters of stuff was dredged from the bottom of the sea. 
  • The first section of this island was a crescent-shaped breakwater. Crescent breakwater is a huge support to this, as it protects the inner island from strong sea currents and shamal winds. 
  • The project was $12 billion and took six years to stand. The island proved its huge success from 1500 beachfront, 6000 apartments, and endless tourist visits. 
  • The island is the self-declared 8th wonder of the world and is still the best attraction in Atlantis. This beautiful place can be seen from the space also because of its impeccable geometry.  

Weather at Jumeirah Islands Dubai

The weather is mostly warm and moist. January is considered the coldest month here. March is a cozy warm month marking the initiation of summer months here. The ideal months to visit Jumeirah are April, May, November, and December. The visitors are welcomed every month as serviced apartments in Jumeirah Islands Dubai are curated with all the requirements of weather.