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Drumcondra is a traditional suburban village. It has a social scene shared between bistros, modern bars, and vintage pubs. Serviced apartments in Drumcondra provide access to a friendly, quiet, and safe neighborhood. It serves as a neat branch between urban and suburban lifestyles. Serviced abodes in this beautiful Dublin suburb in the north attract troops most of the year. 

Drumcondra is all about nature and a green village environment all around. Our fully-furnished travel accommodations here allow closeness to the local vibe all day. To stretch your legs later, keep our comfy apartments on your checklist.


Top Serviced Apartments in Drumcondra

We understand your needs for such a unique destination. Our serviced apartments in Drumcondra have all the facilities that you deserve. It has amenities that can improve the stay for all kinds of travelers. The abodes have a complete kitchen to do cooking on the go simple and easy. Kitchen appliances include a microwave, toaster, and even coffee maker. The entertainment facilities include complimentary Wi-Fi and flat-screen television. One must also enjoy Bluetooth speakers which come in handy with the abode.

For extra comfort, all our accommodations have a central air-conditioning facility as well. All the serviced apartments in Dublin come with a proper fire management system. It even includes smoke alarms. Your safety is our top priority across all properties.

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More about Drumcondra, Dublin

Where to stay in Drumcondra

Drumcondra is the inner suburb on the popular Northside of Dublin. The place has River Tolka and the Royal Canal running through. The apartments are near the main sight of Croke Park where one can spot locals visiting the park for walks. Distillery Road is a great pick to live here. One must not miss 52 St Patrick’s RD and 72 Drumcondra RD Lower when living around.


Facts about Drumcondra

Dublin City Council administers Drumcondra. There are several other facts that the visitors might like, which include:

  • Out of the 11 tributaries of the local River Tolka, 2 of them originate from Upper Drumcondra.
  • Drumcondra Railway station, inaugurated on 1st April 1901, serves  Drumcondra city.
  • Drumcondra doesn’t involve royal residences. Only the Archbishop's Palace provides a royal house to stay in.
  • The total population of Drumcondra is 4465 only as it is a tiny part of the Northern area.
  • The suburb has few notable buildings. Belvedere House is the famous Georgian Building of the Irish Christian Brothers.
  • Other buildings include Clonturk House, Drumcondra Castle, Carmelite Convent, and more.


Weather in Drumcondra

Drumcondra has oceanic, cool and humid weather throughout the year. Dublin never gets much cold. This is why Drumcondra in Dublin is one of the most popular destinations for visitors. The best time to visit for a pleasant weather experience is June to September. Summers here in Drumcondra are warm and arid. They have long summers and short winters. The snowfall is rare here. Our serviced apartments in Drumcondra come with amenities to suit all weathers alike.