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Luxury Serviced Apartments in Portobello, Dublin

If Portobello is calling you out, why miss it? Having Portobello on your list for business tours or personal tours will always be the best as the place has exquisite beauty and having serviced apartment will add a cherry to the cake. That’s exactly where we come in to connect with your comfort travel zone. The serviced apartments here represent a compact and complete apartment with all amenities that solo business travelers and leisure-seeking couples desire when they move to a new destination. The abodes have all the key facilities for modern living and are vibrantly designed to create the ideal space to relax.

Our best serviced apartments in Portobello

Having a fully furnished serviced apartment in every best corner of Portobello is our specialty so that you can find the best place to live in. For your best convenience, we have curated the list of our top serviced apartments. Whatever be your pick, the serviced apartments from us are the essential travel pick for those travelers who love an extra dash of convenience with their short or long-term stay. These abodes are designed to give you a complete homely aura. Some of the top serviced apartments in Portobello include:

Why Should You Book a Serviced Apartment in Portobello?

Serviced apartments are no unquestionable pinnacle travel accommodation for business and leisure. Most travelers choose serviced apartments as they don’t want to have that home away from home feeling. The apartments rather will provide you with a vibe that will give you a comforting zone and you will get more time to relax while on holiday. The abodes are pet-friendly, so now you can have that little furry company with you as well. The serviced apartments give you the room to work, cook, relax and sleep. Moreover, the serviced apartments have added privacy that will comfort you as you unwind. The apartments are self-contained and are 100% professionally operated.

Facilities in Our Serviced Apartment in Portobello

Travelers of this generation need abodes that have all defined necessity. The apartments have a living space with a personal human touch so that everyone can find it similar to their own home. For you to have good business and leisure time, maid services are provided. The abodes will be designed with wooden flooring and have central heating. All fresh toiletries are provided and a fully loaded kitchen is provided so that you don’t have to rush to the supermarket each time. The apartment is planted near supermarkets so that it gets easy for you to pick up things. For entertainment purposes, Wi-Fi is provided, flat-screen TV is provided. Among all of that, you should not forget about your health and avail gym facilities too along with swimming pool facilities.

You can also avail free or chargeable facilities in most of our serviced apartments in Portobello like:

  • Laundry Service
  • Cot & Crib
  • Pool Access
  • Gym Membership
  • Concierge Desk
  • Grocery Packs
  • Extra Bedding


Lastly, we never forget about inner peace. Therefore, the abodes are curated with open plan space to let in fresh air and sunlight where you can have your peacetime.   

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