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Glasgow is the city of art, nouveau architecture, and remains the cultural hub of Scotland. Thus, making it a travel-focused city and thus, in need of short term rentals in Glasgow. Glasgow attracts many visitors because of its remarkable combination. It offers opulence, attractions, and entertainment all at the same time. Our apartments are ideal for anyone seeking rest and relaxation, at work or on holiday. We have specifically designed state-of-the-art infrastructure in several locations. You can easily access any part of the city from these locations. Even accommodate any of your requirements from a vast spectrum of conveniences. Our Best Short Term Lets in Glasgow Filter your best apartments in Glasgow based on your preferences. You can narrow down your choices into bedrooms, bathrooms, facilities, and neighborhoods. Enter our suite apartments and experience world-class leisure. Apart from this, choosing among dozens of amenities to make your stay worthwhile. Our fully furnished apartments offer essential travel picks. Thus, proving our apartments an ideal alternative to sublets. Our apartments in Glasgow are tailored according to location. Different locations offer different vibes and necessities. We lay an immense focus on making the travelers’ stay in Glasgow memorable.

We have shortlisted our top best short term lets in Glasgow to save you time and effort:

  1. Glasgow Bath Street
  2. South West Glasgow Apartment
  3. Anchored | Homely Apartment in Historic Centre
  4. Old Dumbarton Road
  5. Albion St- Glasgow
  6. 109 Bell Street
  7. Macneish House
  8. Redstone House
  9. Nelson Mandela Place

1 Month Rental Accommodation in Glasgow

Accommodations in Glasgow are worth experiencing. Glasgow’s infrastructure, business, and shipbuilding are immense. They date back to the 18th to 20th centuries. Being a port city, it has a rich history of trading along with endless attractions. Making it wholesome to stay monthly and Glasgow and enjoy the best times of your life. Our short term rental accommodation in Glasgow offers quality services. We aim to provide this by considering what services you would wish for your home. From being pet-friendly, maid services, and own kitchen to a large-sized television. Travel every corner of the city and explore its culture and history in an extended stay. While we take your major to minor of the requests.

Why Should You Book a Short Term Rental Apartment in Glasgow?

Glasgow is an appealing city. You cannot hold the grip of it by traveling for only a week or a few days. And staying in a regular hotel or motel binds one to explore and live in their conditions as they want. It also restricts the pool of amenities that a short-term monthly apartment can offer. Our short term rentals in Glasgow are the perfect alternative to any sublet. We offer independence and homely vibes with facilities exactly like your home. Even sometimes more than your home. This marks our first priority to provide to our guests.

Facilities in Our Short Term Rentals in Glasgow

Facilities in our monthly apartments are never-ending. Short-term apartments at TheSqua.re include a lived-in design to make you feel right at home. You can find spacious facilities ranging from entertainment, kitchen, pets, etc.

Our short term lets in Glasgow keep hygiene, health, and safety as our topmost concerns. There is always a soft place to sleep, making it simple to unwind and get ready for the day. You can rest after a long and tiring day in your apartments being cozy. On your air-conditioner or central heating systems to keep you cold or warm.

Enjoy a hot shower or a bathtub and link beds all at your convenience. You can even allow your pets to enjoy the trip together while ensuring the safety of all. For evenings or mornings when you want to relax and watch some TV, there is a flat-screen available. Eating out in Glasgow is nothing less than expensive. To help our guests save money, we have installed stocked kitchens in our apartments. Our short term rental accommodation in Glasgow also enables you to work with convenience. With a dedicated work desk and basic stationery supplies, you'll ace your work. Also, maintain contact with far-flung loved ones by easier availability of free Wi-Fi. Get creative to keep yourself occupied while appreciating your home's conveniences.

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