1 Bedroom Apartment Hong Kong

Fully Furnished 1 Bedroom Apartment in Hong Kong

When in Hong Kong, travelers seek luxury in all its forms. When it comes to accommodations, our 1 bedroom apartments in Hong Kong are a delight for solo travelers and couples heading here. In a new city, privacy, location, and trust are some of the major concerns, especially when booking online. 

With our exclusive range of fully finished sets, your trip is as secure as it can get. With CCTV surveillance, foolproof paperwork, an extensive set of amenities, and a lot more, you can leave all the queries to us. Find yourself in the most premium locations of Hong Kong with public transport and road access to the best attractions here available at unbeatable distances from your doorstep. 

Our Best 1 Bedroom Apartment in Hong Kong

With a distinct style, approachable interiors, and a very fine taste that reflects modernity and comfort in all shapes and sizes, our single bedroom abodes have a lot to offer. Each home comes fully furnished with the most basic amenities to the most luxurious additions. One can find everything here that a modern global traveler expects in the most awaited vacation stays in a foreign city. Our clients often get excited to find appliances, facilities, and locations that give an unbelievable completion to high-end hotels. 

While you think over Hong Kong 1 bedroom apartment rent, some of our top picks from the entire portfolio that is bound to impress you can be spotted right below:

Facilities in Our 1 Bedroom Apartment in Hong Kong For Rent

Travelers today know exactly what they want and what they don't. Over one and a half decades of working extensively in the industry, TheSqua.re team has cracked the code to the ideal accommodation. Each abode listed on our award-winning portfolio comes laden with a fully functional kitchen, cozy sleeping quarters, luxurious bathroom, modern kitchen appliances to ease your stay, and an entire zone for entertainment. 

These little additions encourage guests to get rather secure about their eating habits, privacy with CCTV and video door cameras, working habits with free Wi-Fi, and a full-fledged working desk among several other facilities. What can be a better abode to chill than a fully-furnished set that has the coziest living room with a flat-screen TV, Bluetooth speakers, Wi-Fi to support Netflix on the big screen, and whatnot? After all, this is the kind of holistic comfort that the global traveler of today seeks. 

Out of the larger bunch of amenities that you get as a part of the ideal 1 bedroom apartment in Hong Kong, you can always choose more. A bunch of complementary and paid list of facilities that you might want to choose from includes:

  • Concierge services
  • CCTV Surveillance
  • Free parking
  • Modern kitchen appliances
  • Gym access
  • Sauna & washer
  • Rooftop deck
  • Business Center

Contact the reservations team at TheSqua.re to book your 1 bedroom apartment in Hong Kong, or take a look at our Hong Kong serviced apartments.

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