2 Bedroom Apartment Hong Kong

Fully Furnished 2 Bedroom Apartment in Hong Kong

Groups often visit Hong Kong considering the very high tourism that it enjoys all year round. Our dual bedroom urban pads are quite a hit among families and businesses teams along with couples who often travel with other couples. With luxurious bedrooms, stunning bathrooms, a well-spread kitchen, and a private fully-furnished modern abode in the best parts of Hong Kong, you are in for a memorable stay. 

Guests have overpoured their love over the past decade for our impeccable setup with a very impressive portfolio. If you love comfort, luxury, and privacy above anything else then skimming through our 2 bedroom apartment Hong Kong list is going to be messy as you might have a hard time choosing one.

Our Best 2 Bedroom Apartment in Hong Kong

Each of our urban pads in Hong Kong is an outcome of a lot of research, quality checks, opinions of our guests, and the expertise of our company talents at large. No wonder our portfolio gets so much love year after year. We not only make sure to make your experience as homely as possible in a new city that you are visiting but also give you a fine taste of luxury bringing together comfort with style. 

This combination is what makes us confident of our position in the travel accommodation industry. With the same confidence we offer you to look at some of our finest picks from an entire range of 2 bedroom apartment Hong Kong below: 

Facilities in Our 2 Bedroom Serviced Apartment in Hong Kong

Our catalog of 2 bedroom apartments in Hong Kong comes equipped with luxurious furnishings picked by some of the finest interior designers. With a collective aim to please, our list of amenities goes quite lengthy for each kind of condo that you wish to consider for a perfect vacation in the heart of Hong Kong.

While we understand that the cuisines might differ, we offer a fully functional kitchen with each of our serviced apartments to allow you the ease to cook meals just as you prefer. Never miss that weekend dinner ritual for anyone. While groceries and ingredients will be provided to you in time, you don't even have to skip workouts as we have the option of gym access as well. With Wi-Fi, flatscreen TV, spacious living room with a cozy couch, a balcony that lets you adore the view of local Hong Kong at its best, and much more, you have signed up for a very comforting accommodation that might not let you miss your home. 

With so many amenities that can fully impress a traveler who loves comfort have been mentioned already, below is a quick list of facilities that are available additionally as well, if not available with your property already:

  • Gym access
  • Business center
  • Sauna
  • Parking
  • Laundry & dry cleaning service
  • Concierge services

Contact the reservations team at TheSqua.re to book your 2 bedroom apartment in Hong Kong, or take a look at our Hong Kong serviced apartments.

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