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Central Hong Kong lies at the heart of this bustling city’s activity, and acts as the main business and financial hub of the city. Also one of the more popular tourist centres in the Eastern world, Central Hong Kong benefits from a huge range of visitors each and every day. From corporate travellers to expatriates and holidaymakers, there is something for everybody in Central Hong Kong.

There is a huge range of places to visit in Central Hong Kong – from traditional cultural attractions to contemporary shopping and entertainment districts. As such, there truly is an activity to suit every taste and preference. Those looking to sample some of Hong Kong’s best cuisine with find Michelin Star restaurants as well as local hole-in-the-wall restaurants, and those interested in shopping will find 21st-century retail complexes alongside traditional markets that have been running for dozens of years. Visitors can enjoy heritage tours or bar crawls, spa treatments or exhilarating thrill rides – in this city of contrast, you never have to choose.

Central Hong Kong’s markets are a particularly popular feature of the city – however, the markets face tougher and tougher competition due to the immense popularity of the Causeway Bay shopping district. Visiting a good selection of both is the best way to get a taste for the traditional and the modern sides of Hong Kong. With so much on offer – the only decision left to make is how long to spend in this diverse and exciting city.

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Chek Lap Kok

Chek Lap Kok is an island in Hong Kong’s western waters, known mainly for being home to the Hong Kong International Airport and a number of key business hubs and commercial expos.

Chek Lap Kok Island is an important business area for Hong Kong, due to its large employment numbers from the international airport, a number of airlines, and local business centres.

The Hong Kong Sky City business and entertainment complex is located on the island, and includes the AsiaWorld Expo Convention and Exhibition Centre. Also located on the island are Cathay Pacific City and the head offices of Dragonair and Hong Kong Airlines.  Chek Lap Kok is also known as a popular destination for business travellers to enjoy a luxury serviced apartment in Hong Kong, due to its excellent proximity to the city’s international travel hubs.

If you are wondering what to do in Chek Lap Kok during a layover at Hong Kong International Airport, then fear not – this is one of the best airports in the world, with every detail designed with travellers’ comfort in mind.

From Internet terminals and sleeping areas, to restaurants and entertainment venues, there are plenty of places to visit in Chek Lap Kok if you are staying in the airport. Outside of the airport, visitors will find themselves close to a good range of attractions, including the Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car and the Tin Hau Temple. As soon as you are ready to venture into the city and enjoy the Hong Kong markets, the designer stores, the cultural hotspots and more – the Airport Express train makes it easy to travel to and from Chek Lap Kok.

Des Voeux Road West

Des Voeux Road is a historically significant part of Hong Kong– and is named after the 10th Governor of Hong Kong, Sir William Des Voeux. Located close to Hong Kong’s Central Business District, the area is a lively and busy place to visit or stay during an extended stay in Hong Kong. With an excellent selection of luxury serviced accommodation, hotels and other accommodation options in the area – there is something for everybody on Des Voeux Road West.

Originally the location for many of Hong Kong’s dried seafood shops and markets, Des Voeux Road West markets have retained much of their original culture and heritage. With its rich culinary history, the area is also – unsurprisingly – home to an excellent range of local restaurants. Despite its proximity to the modern metropolis of Central Hong Kong, Des Voeux Road West offers an old-fashioned style of living and an authentic Chinese culture.

There are plenty of places to visit on Des Voeux Road West to get a feel for the local way of life. One benefit of staying near the Des Voeux Road West area is its close proximity to some of Hong Kong’s most pleasant parks and green spaces. Close by, visitors will find the King George V Memorial Park, where locals and tourists can enjoy a stroll or a peaceful afternoon in the sunshine. Near the shore, visitors will also find the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park – where you can explore the park’s memorial, its Sports Centre and, of course, the sweeping water views.

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Happy Valley

Happy Valley is an upmarket residential area located on Hong Kong Island. The area is home to many upwardly mobile local residents along with business travellers and expatriates seeking a comfortable and sophisticated way of life. Happy Valley Racecourse, the Hong Kong Racing Museum and the Hong Kong Cemetery are within a short distance of’s Serviced Apartments in Happy Valley.

Two of the tallest residential buildings in Hong Kong are located in Happy Valley, providing accommodation to many upper income residents. The locals and visitors tend to enjoy a reasonably quiet pace of life – except on Race Day at the Happy Valley Racecourse, when many people flock from all over Hong Kong to enjoy the event.

From leafy green spaces to exciting restaurants and attractions, there are plenty of places to visit in Happy Valley. It is particularly common for locals to enjoy sports sessions on the weekends, and then to follow them up with a trip to one of the local bars. Happy Valley Markets include the Happy Valley Cooked food market, which is known for its fresh and authentic Cantonese food. 

Happy Valley is a well-connected area in Hong Kong, with a Hong Kong Tramways line running to the neighbourhood and Causeway Bay MTR Station also located nearby. Happy Valley also has three bus terminals, enabling visitors to travel around the neighbourhood with ease.

Mid levels

Located in the northern part of Hong Kong Island, Kowloon is an incredibly popular part of the city with plenty of things to see and do. With almost 50% of Hong Kong’s entire population living in Kowloon, it is a busy and lively neighbourhood with a thriving economy and an exciting tourist scene.

Visitors to the Kowloon area of Hong Kong will find an excellent selection of luxury accommodation, affordable restaurants and leisure activities – as well as sweeping views of Central Hong Kong from across the harbour.

There are plenty of places to visit in Kowloon, including a good range of luxury shopping outlets and traditional Kowloon markets. Kowloon is home to a fascinating cultural centre, as well as one of Hong Kong’s best history museums.

Kowloon has undergone significant change and development over the years. However, it has retained a distinct Chinese influence – as evidenced in the traditional buildings, hawker markets and street food. Visitors are able to immerse themselves in the culture with plenty of tours, attractions and cultural destinations.

Public transport is frequent, widespread and effortless in the Kowloon area – with the MTR network, regular buses and even ferries in operation throughout the day. As a result, anybody visiting Kowloon for business or for leisure will find themselves within easy reach of their destination.

As well as a port for regular commuter ferries, Kowloon is also a popular stop for many of Hong Kong’s tourist cruises – the perfect way to see the city from the water.

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North Point

With excellent transport links and tourist attractions, Mid Levels is a popular area of Hong Kong – particularly for business travellers working in Central Hong Kong. With an excellent selection of accommodation options, a huge range of restaurants and plenty of places to visit in Mid Levels, the neighbourhood is vibrant and exciting place to be.

As English is widely spoken in Mid Levels, it is a popular expat area. The mountainside location means that the neighbourhood is filled with rolling hills – offering sweeping views of the harbour from many points.

Home to the famous Central to Mid Levels Escalator, this bustling neighbourhood offers the most effortless commute into Central Hong Kong. As such, it is an excellent option for anybody looking to work in the city but stay in a neighbourhood with a more residential feel.

Mid Levels is an upmarket area with an attractive restaurant scene. With modern shopping centres and traditional markets nearby, there is always somewhere to go to pick up new fashion items, accessories and more.

For those working in Central Hong Kong who also enjoy outdoor activities – Mid Levels is the perfect destination. Close by, there is a challenging and exciting hike to Victoria Peak – the perfect pastime on a sunny weekend.

If you prefer to exercise by hiking around the shops, Cat Street is the perfect area to explore a selection of unique, one-of-a-kind ornaments and crafts. There is a huge range of secret gems in the area – so if you are wondering what to do in Mid Levels, continue reading our Hong Kong area guide.

Sheung Wan

North Point is one of the most popular local residential areas of Hong Kong, and as such, it offers an authentic feel and an excellent range of local restaurants and attractions. Offering its residents excellent transport connections and good proximity to the most popular business hubs, it is an excellent choice for an extended stay in Hong Kong.

North point, located on Hong Kong Island’s northeastern coast, is far more popular with local residents than with tourists and expatriates. English is less widely spoken and small local businesses are more common than large, global brands. However, there are plenty of places to visit in North Point – from unique Hong Kong attractions to authentic North Point markets. Although there is a greater selection of serviced accommodation in the popular tourist and expatriate areas of Hong Kong, visitors looking to stay in North Point will still find a good selection of luxury serviced apartments and other accommodation options.

Due to the large local population, North Point has developed an excellent transport network in the area – offering surprisingly swift connections into Central Hong Kong. Using the Blue Island Line or the Purple Tseung Kwan O Line on the MTR, visitors can reach popular business and tourist destinations within 15 minutes. Another excellent transport option is the Hong Kong Tramways Line – offering the same swift connections but with the added bonus of cheaper fares and excellent views during the journey.

With a bustling late-night snacking culture and plenty of shops and beauty salons, the local area is a wonderful place to spend some time or to settle down during an extended stay in Hong Kong. For more information on what to do in North Point, continue reading our Hong Kong area guide.

Tai Tam Road

Known for its atmosphere and young, hip crowd, Sheung Wan is a must-visit neighbourhood in Hong Kong. Blending a local residential feel with excellent tourist attractions, the neighbourhood appeals to all with effortless style. In addition to its reputation for its style, Sheung Wan is also known for having some of the best coffee in Hong Kong. A certain bonus, of course, for the many office workers living in Sheung Wan and benefitting from effortless connections into Hong Kong’s most important business hubs.

The neighbourhood has become the destination of choice for many up-and-coming restaurants, bars and boutique shops to set up, and so there are plenty of places to visit in Sheung Wan for even the most seasoned Hong Kong visitor. It has also become a popular destination for a corporate stay or an extended stay – particularly for those business travellers who are looking for a place to stay with a more authentic, local feel. However, whilst Sheung Wan offers an excellent local atmosphere, it has not sacrificed its city-living convenience – those staying in the area for business can commute into Central Hong Kong in as little as 14 minutes from Sheung Wan MTR Station. Vistors can also reach the iconic Causeway Bay shopping district in 21 minutes, and the popular Kowloon area in 30 minutes.

If you are planning an extended stay in Hong Kong Serviced apartments, you should certainly consider Sheung Wan as a place to stay – from exciting new developments to traditional Sheung Wan markets and a bustling nightlife scene, there is always something exciting to explore in the neighbourhood. For more information on what to do in Sheung Wan, continue reading our Hong Kong area guide.

Tsuen Wan

Winding around Hong Kong’s mountainous landscape, and eventually arriving near to Hong Kong City Centre, Tai Tam Road is an infamous road, connecting locals and visitors to business hubs, schools, tourist attractions and more. Shaking off its seedier reputation from days gone by, Tai Tam Road is becoming a popular tourist attraction as well as a lively local hangout. There is plenty of corporate accommodation in the area – ideal for a business traveller or an expatriate looking to stay just outside of the city centre.

As Tai Tam Road winds through various urban neighbourhoods and rural areas, there is an excellent diversity of things to do and places to visit. Many of the places to visit on Tai Tam Road are centred on the Wan Chai area – a lively destination for market shopping and nightlife. Tai Tam Road also offers visitors a surprising amount of local culture, with the Hong Kong Arts Centre and the Hong Kong Exhibition Centre both located nearby. Traditional Tai Tam Road markets sit alongside modern shopping centres, making for a varied and interesting shopping experience.

For those seeking an easy commute into Central Hong Kong, Tai Tam Road is an excellent place to stay. From Wan Chai’s MTR Station, visitors can reach Central Hong Kong within 30 minutes, as well as the famous Causeway Bay shopping area within 23 minutes. For more information on what to do on Tai Tam Road – including restaurants, tourist attractions and shops – continue reading our Hong Kong Area Guide.

Wan Chai

Not often visited by the typical Hong Kong tourist, Tsuen Wan is a frequently overlooked neighbourhood. However, Hong Kong locals and savvy tourists know that Tsuen Wan is a neighbourhood filled with hidden gems – from historic monuments to authentic restaurants.

With excellent connections to central Hong Kong, Tsuen Wan is an excellent choice for a place to stay during an extended trip to Hong Kong. It is also popular amongst expatriates, looking for the perfect blend of city living and rural tranquility. Just 27 minutes away from Central Hong Kong on the MTR, Tsuen Wan is a popular commuter neighbourhood with a local life of its own.

One of the main benefits of staying in or near Tsuen Wan is the neighbourhood’s proximity to Tai Mo Shan Country Park. Visitors will also find themselves located in close proximity to the popular Kowloon area – the perfect place to explore some local markets and to take in views of the city. There are also plenty of places to visit in Tsuen Wan itself, including the neighbourhood’s beautiful walking trails and religious temples. Tsuen Wan markets offer visitors an insight into the local way of life – however, visitors are also never far away from 21st-Century Hong Kong, with the famous Causeway Bay shopping area nearby.

Tsuen Wan is the perfect place to get to know some of Hong Kong’s best local businesses – with some of the restaurants in the neighbourhood remaining under the same family ownership for 40-50 years. The neighbourhood is also home to the Sam Tung Uk Museum, offering information and insight into the 200-year-old village. For more information on what to do in Tsuen Wan, continue reading our Hong Kong area guide.