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Quarry Bay is a commercial and residential neighbourhood in Hong Kong. It is best known for its Monster Building. Serviced apartments in Quarry Bay are the most talked-about accommodation option amongst visitors. This quite populated district is ideal for Instagram lovers who love it for its culture and colors.

Trendy art galleries, sports venues, and rooftop bars make it a hotspot for fun. Each abode sits near most of these experiences which truly define Quarry Bay. With exclusive bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms, these apartments can double up your excitement.

Top Serviced Apartments in Quarry Bay For Travellers

Our furnished apartments in Quarry Bay are ideal for everyone for many reasons. They have the latest amenities to provide our guests with the comfort they desire. For business, leisure, or long-term stays, expect a memorable experience with us. Each abode comes with AC bedrooms, deluxe bathrooms, a kitchen, and large living spaces. They also include access to gyms, swimmings, concierge service, and complimentary Wi-Fi. We focus on providing round-the-clock help, security, and everything that a hotel doesn’t. Check in with the apartment staff for car rentals to roam around the dazzling city.

Where to Stay in Quarry Bay

As a commercial area, Quarry Bay thrives with malls and restaurants all over. Staying at Quarry Bay allows you to enjoy authentic Hong Kong vibes. Some Quarry Bay highlights are Fortress Hill, King’s Road, North Point, Causeway Bay, Tai Koo, and Wan Chai. These areas are famous amongst tourists as they provide easy commute options.

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Facts About Quarry Bay

Quarry Bay is the place where you want to spend quieter time closer to nature. There is much more about Quarry Bay that attracts guests to spend time here. A few interesting facts about this neighbourhood to excite you for your stay at our furnished apartments in Quarry Bay are:

  • The term Quarry Bay was given after the arrival of the British into this region. Hakka stonemasons began quarrying the hills in this area to supply granite to the west. This is how it got the name Quarry Bay.
  • The neighbourhood was connected to Victoria, England via road in early 1843.
  • The industrial site has seen a significant rise in commercial buildings in the last 2 decades.
  • During the 1930s, the beaches in Quarry Bay became popular for swimming galas.
  • The Taikoo Sugar Factory here became the world’s largest sugar refinery in the early-20th century.
  • The iconic ‘Monster Building’ is the most picturesque spot in Quarry Bay. It comprises five e-shaped interconnected complexes and attracts most photographers and tourists.

Weather in Quarry Bay

Quarry Bay has a humid subtropical climate with dry winters. The yearly average temperature in the district is 24.78°C.

The coldest months here are January and December. The temperatures hover around 15°C. The months of August and June receive the most rain. The best months to visit Quarry Bay for a stay in our furnished apartments in Quarry Bat are March and April.