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A waterfront precinct holds adventure for both business and leisure seekers. Shau Kei Wan brings in a cultural tour in Hong Kong. A serviced apartment in your hold near the holy place of Shau Kei Wan is bliss. Our serviced apartments in Shau Kei Wan are there to welcome you into a home away from home. The amenities of a fully furnished bedroom and bathroom can make a lot of difference. With so much to offer, we wish to complete the journey of our guests with comfort and memories. 

Top Serviced Apartment in Shau Kei Wan For Travellers

The top-notch serviced apartments in Shau Kei come with modern 21st-century amenities. The apartments are luxuriously furnished and are air-conditioned. Some offer an internal car parking facility also. 

The abodes have an equipped kitchen. It includes an oven, toaster, dishwasher, large fridge, and several other essentials. Any visitors choosing an apartment will think of home while unpacking. To ease this feeling, we try to make you feel welcomed just like at home. We have hot shower facilities, the softest beds, and a cozy bedroom awaiting you. Enjoy Wi-Fi with a flat-screen television too, or sip coffee with a view.

Where to Stay in Shau Kei Wan

The furnished apartments in Shau Kei Wan are in locations that are in demand. In walking distance, you can reach Shau Kei Wan God Temple. The temple is the oldest and is the main place to visit. You can visit Shau Kei Wan Market Building Sitting-out in less than half an hour from our abodes. For Disneyland lovers, get into the Hong Kong Disneyland and Discovery Museum. Other places where you can reach out to are Victoria Peak, Ocean Peak, and Victoria Harbor. 

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More about Shau-kei-wan, Hong kong

Facts About Shau Kei Wan

The name of this holy place comes from a word for a basket. It is used to wash rice like a colander. Wan here means “bay.” A place as pure as this holds some exciting facts. Every traveler, irrespective of their plan, must know about these: 

  • The place was discovered in the 18th Century by a local fisherman. This place was a good storm shelter, and later the place got loaded with a fishing population. 
  • Shau developed as the fish-trading market after World War II. 
  • As for environmental protection, the place has two Champion Trees. One is on Main Street East, and the other is beside the Government School. 
  • Shau Kei Wan has the most unexpected places to explore. It has Eastern District Tourist Tail, Main Street East, Museum of Coastal Defense, and temples.

Weather at Shau Kei Wan 

This place has a moderate temperature throughout the year. Visitors can think about giving a shot at this place throughout the year. The temperature here goes around 20 degrees in the daytime and 16 at night. This place experiences only three rainy days in the month. The humidity here is close to 69% here. Overall, our serviced apartments in Shau Kei Wan provide great flexibility.