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Houston Studio Apartments for Rent

Houston is a fast-growing and one of the most important business hubs in the US, given the presence of Fortune 500 companies and NASA’s Johnson Space Centre. Home to nearly seven million people, it is also the most populous city in Texas. Also famous for being a melting pot of culture, the city is culturally diverse and people from far and wide reside here or travel to this city for business or leisure. While travelling to any such city, travellers need accommodations that are spacious and exude an open-plan living. And if there are all the amenities that one could ever need, nothing like it. That’s where our studio apartments in Houston come into the picture. They are compact yet spacious, have key facilities for modern-day living, and are designed eclectically to suit solo business travellers to couples or families travelling for leisure.

Our Best Studio Apartments in Houston

Like all portfolios of travel accommodation, we have our own top 10 list. Our studio apartments in Houston are located all over the city and choosing one among all could be a task. Every studio is designed keeping in mind the taste of travellers, no matter where they sit on our list.

Our top Houston studio apartments for rent include:

Why Should You Book a Studio Apartments in Houston?

When it comes to travel, people these days prefer accommodation that is according to their taste, unlike one-size-fits-all hotels. Studios are always a good bet for travellers visiting Houston as these units provide a secluded and relaxed environment after a long day at work or a day full of leisure activities. These studio apartments in Houston are located near major business hubs, and attractions and are well-connected with public transportation facilities, making them ideal for guests.

Facilities in Our Studio Apartments for Rent in Houston

Travel these days doesn’t mean just going to a place, or checking into a hotel. It’s much more than that. Modern travel requires a more personal touch. That is why at TheSqua.re, we have created our living spaces with bespoke qualities that are ideal for a great holiday or a perfect business trip. Guests can unwind at the studios with plush furnishings and spacious living areas. These studios offer comfortable beds, attached bathrooms, a dedicated kitchen with modern amenities so that you feel right at home.

There are flat-screen televisions where you can catch your favorite game or be up to date with what’s happening around the world. And there is complimentary high-speed wifi so that you can easily work remotely or connect with family and friends over lengthy video calls. In case you want additional services such as a gym to continue your fitness regimen even during your trips, or a swimming pool. There is a possibility of board-rooms and rooftop decks or cafes at some of our studios. Here’s where our concierge services add an extra touch of luxury, just for you at an additional cost.

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