Studio Apartment in Jakarta

Furnished Studio Apartment in Jakarta

Business and leisure travelers often visit Jakarta for either work or pleasure. Whenever they arrive here, they look for either a studio apartment in Jakarta or suitable accommodation for themselves for a shorter or longer duration. They want to have ample space and comfort so that they can spend their time meaningfully and get tasks completed in relative comfort. They also look for value for money, desiring competitive pricing and multiple accommodation options to pick from. They want to relax after a long and tiring day, so they are also willing to pay for accommodation which suits their purpose. There are much bigger groups who also visit this city and they wish to have a much bigger space for themselves.

There are studio apartments which will cater to all needs of business and leisure travelers along with couples. Their locations are quite strategic in the business and commercial districts of Jakarta. You will find a studio apartment fully equipped with all necessary furnishings, fixtures and other amenities. They are suitable for long-term, mid-term or short-term stays alike. 

Our Best Studio Apartment in Jakarta

We understand that our apartments should satisfy the needs and requirements of travelers. The rooms are well-furnished and there is a spacious and elegant living room as well. There is a well-appointed kitchen and the bedrooms are plush with comfy beds and tastefully decorated fixtures and curtains adorning the large windows. Every apartment is unique in its design and features.

Some of the following studio apartment in Jakarta options that you can consider: 

Facilities in Our Studio Apartment in Jakarta

There are many amenities and facilities in our studio apartment in Jakarta. All of these have been provided for the convenience and comfort of the guests. There are living rooms that help you unwind after a day’s hard work. For good sleep and rest, there are comfortable beds fitted with comfier mattresses for a good night’s sleep. You can cook food to your liking in the well equipped kitchen while clean bathrooms come with all major amenities. From home-cooked food to strategic locations and ample space, our studio apartments will take care of all your needs. You can also expect complimentary Wi-Fi along with flat-screen televisions for both work and entertainment.

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