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Top Studio Serviced Apartments Liverpool

Liverpool is a great place to visit for The Beatles and scenic locations. The city also has amazing accommodation options and our studio apartments in Liverpool are at the top of that ladder. These apartments are spacious yet compact. The open layouts are also favoured by the visitors. This is because they give you a blend of traditional and contemporary features. They are also convenient both for single travellers and nuclear families. TheSqua.re is known to offer you peace of mind even in the busiest cities.

Our Best Studio Apartments for Rent In Liverpool

TheSqua.re has travel accommodations in all major centres around the globe. The lovely city of Liverpool is no exception. You will find our studio apartments for rent in Liverpool evenly scattered all over the place. We are positioned near prominent locations so that public transportation never becomes a concern.

As far as the basic standard of apartments goes, we never settle for less. So when you book us, it comes with a guarantee to get you the best well-maintained apartments in all of Liverpool. We also have apartments that are slightly more upscale. So if you are looking for an extra dash of luxury, here’s a list that can satisfy your demands:

  1. Bold Street Apartment in Liverpool City
  2. Quest Apartments in Liverpool City Centre
  3. Fairclough Street Apartments in Liverpool City
  4. Chavasse Serviced Apartments, Liverpool
  5. Corn Exchange Apartments in Liverpool City

Why Should You Book a Studio Apartment in Liverpool?

Studio apartments are great for both short and long-term travel. This is because they offer you the flexibility that most average hotels do not provide. For instance, if you are travelling with your little one, you do not have to worry about their food. There’s already an equipped kitchen present where you can cook timely meals for them. Also, you get saved from the trouble of carrying heavy bags loaded with basic stuff necessary for a day-to-day living while travelling. This is because the studio apartments in Liverpool come furnished. They also have all of the usual amenities readily available.

Families often enquire about privacy. We understand that in many accommodations, you might feel disturbed due to noises coming from the nearby rooms. Fortunately, that’s not the case with the studio apartments for rent in Liverpool. Here you get complete privacy so that you and your family can enjoy a peaceful stay.

These apartments also have an open plan and are luxurious. Everything around, starting from beds, to TV, bathroom, and the kitchen is positioned to help you have easy access to them.

Facilities In Our Studio Apartments for Rent In Liverpool

Everyone loves the comfort and warmth of homes. This is why we put a lot of effort into making our studio apartments in Liverpool as home-like as possible for. We recognize that even minor enhancements add up to give that ultimate level of comfort. We take care of little things like providing linen of top-most quality.

Then there are also extra services that distinguish us from our competitors. For example, we understand the hygiene concerns of our tourists. This is very normal considering the pandemic situation we just experienced. Therefore, we have anti-bacterial deep cleaning services. They are performed both before and after every visit. We also deliver weekly groceries and provide laundry services as per the requirements of our guests. Also, if you are a fitness freak, our well-maintained gyms won’t let you miss your daily workouts. Not to forget, there are options to hire a personal trainer throughout your stay.

We are also our greatest critics. Thus, we use the net performance scores to test our services. This helps us to constantly improve and adapt to the changing requirements of our guests. We can assure you that your time at our studio apartments for rent in Liverpool will surpass your expectations.

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