Places to Eat in Camden

Café Delancey

Tucked away in a quiet corner of North London, this attractive and romantic restaurant is a perfect place to date. The Swiss-French food that you get at Café Delancey is delectable. How these people make use of cheese is simply wonderful. There is also a striking wine list at the café.

Be it the traditional places to eat and booze or the stylishly done pubs, Camden has it all. Some of the popular pubs and restaurants in Camden include The Crown & Goose, Camden Brasserie, VegiaZena, The Engineer, Shaka Zulu and Wagamama to name some.

Restaurants serving Italian menu are Strada, VegiaZena, Caffe Uno, SardoCanale to name some.

Odette's Restaurant & Bar and Camden Brasserie are famous for modern European cuisine.

Vegetarians can go to places like Cafe Seventy Nine and The Green Note Cafe.

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