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Finsbury is a beautiful Central London district, creating the south-eastern portion of the London Borough of Islington and bordering the City of London. This quaint and charming area is a preferred option for several business and leisure travelers alike. Naturally, there is steady demand for high-quality serviced apartments Finsbury. We have several options that will cater to your requirements while offering well-connected and strategic locations along with the best amenities and other facilities. 

Top Serviced Apartments in Finsbury: 

  • Waterloo Apartments By MySqua.Re
  • Moorgate Apartments By MySqua.Re 
  • York Road
  • 01 Bedroom Apartment Near Old Street
  • Waterloo 

There are numerous serviced apartments Finsbury that we have in our portfolio and these offer the best facilities like free Wi-Fi, comfortable beds and well-equipped kitchens with all vital appliances. We make sure that all guests have comfortable and cozy stays in our apartments.

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Where to Stay in Finsbury

Some of the best areas to stay include York Road, Old Street, Goswell Road and City Road along with Coleman Street and near the Finsbury Estate. 

Facts About Finsbury

The Manor of Finsbury has been recorded in the 1231 Vinisbir and this means manor of a man named Finn. Finsbury is located a little outside Cripplegate within London Wall. A lot of the manor was then called great fen which washed against the northern wall of the City. Here are few interesting facts worth considering: 

  • Finsbury is comprised of two administrative zones, namely the Finsbury Division of Ossulstone Hundred of Middlesex between 17th century and 1900 and thereafter from 1900 to 1965, it was the Metropolitan Borough of Finsbury. The Borough encompasses Finsbury and Clerkenwell with the former also being known as St Luke’s. 
  • Confusing the zone with Finsbury Park is a common occurrence although it is a public zone approximately 5 kilometres northwards. 
  • A new gate was developed in the London Wall, Moorgate in 1511 although urbanization was slower. The Bunhill Fields burial ground opened in 1665. 
  • The St Luke’s parish church was constructed in 1732-33 with development fast-tracked by the City Road development in 1765. 
  • By end-18th century, a residential suburb came up in Finsbury Square while Lower and Little Moorfields stayed open till Finsbury Circus came up post 1815. 
  • Famous Finsbury residents included Dadabhai Naoroji, Charles Gordon, Eric Maxon and the notorious Violet Kray and her sons. 
  • Key landmarks include Ironmonger Row Baths, St Luke Old Street, Bunhill Fields, City Road Basin upon the Regent’s Canal, Finsbury Square, King Square Gardens, Artillery Ground, Finsbury Circus at Coleman Street Ward and Golden Lane Estate. 

Weather in Finsbury

Summers are comfortable and short in Finsbury while winters are quite chilly and windy as well. Temperatures hover between 39 and 74 degrees Fahrenheit and the best time to visit is between late June and early September. Winters are cloudy and lengthy here in Finsbury while summers are comparatively more comfortable. The recommended visiting time is ideal for outdoor activities.