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Attractions of Fitzrovia

Pollock’s toy Museum

The museum is crammed into townhouses on a good-looking side street. The museum is named after Benjamin Pollock, a printer of Victorian toy theatres. Pollock’s toy museum boasts a wide range of toys from all across the world. Some of the items in the collection include dolls, a Victorian nursery, tin toys and folk toys from all across the world. The place undoubtedly is full of a unique charm.

Royal Institute of British Architects

RIBA exemplifies the beautiful blend of old and contemporary architecture. It is located just five minutes from Oxford Circus and offers a delightful dining experience. The Modern European menu by Michelin-starred chef David Cavalier is simply outstanding. You can relax on the large sunlit roof terrace of this 1930s Grade II-listed building or simply lounge indoors and admire the excellent architecture.

Alison Jacques Gallery

Opened in the year 2007, this is an enhancement on the previous location on Clifford Street. Some of the contemporary artists represented by the gallery include StefDriesen, Robert Mapplethorpe and Tom Stoner.

Spectrum Fine Art

Spectrum Fine Art is the brainchild of Benn Linnell and David Roberts. The gallery in the heart of the West End is devoted to destroying the charm of the British art scene.The intention is to promote young British artists. The gallery shows the work of emerging artists from various schools, working in a range of mediums.

Fitzroy Square

Fitzroy Square is one of the most beautiful and quaint Georgian squares in London. Designed by Robert Adam in the late 18th century, this is the only Square nestled in the central London neighbourhood Fitzrovia.  The Square was named after Charles Fitzroy, 2nd  Duke of Grafton, and was built to provide elite residential  location for aristocratic families residing in London. Many famous writers and statesmen like Lord Salisbury, George Bernard Shaw and Virginia Woolf have lived here.

BBC Broadcasting House

An iconic building in Portland, Broadcasting House was made in the year 1932 to an art deco design. The centre serves as heart of the British Broadcasting Corporation.

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