Fitzrovia Shopping

Fitzrovia is a great place to go shopping and there are shops for all budgets and all age groups. The best shops in Fitzrovia are:

  • French’s Theatre Bookshop: Browse through an all-encompassing selection of classic as well as contemporary plays. Also a clearing house for theatre events, it remains open on all days except Sundays.
  • Alec Tiranti: Selling every material you can think of, Alec Tiranti is known for its creative and arty supplies. You can also find an interesting range of books and videos here.
  • Heal’s: A British institution that is over 200 years old, this is a perfect place for design lovers. Don’t miss out on the Heal’s cat, a 1925 sculpture by Chassagne. With extensive offerings ranging from glassware to fabrics and a lot more, Heal’s is worth a visit.
  • Paperchase: The original Paperchase store, this triple-decker spot has been catering to artists since the 1970’s. Discover interesting paper in various weights, unique gift-wraps, pop-arty boxes and pens you have seen nowhere else.
  • Urban Outfitters Flagship Store: The painfully trendy store on Oxford Street offers vintage and contemporary clothes, trendy urban music and fine home furnishings.
  • Topshop: The shop is known for its high turnover of clothes and accessories owing to good quality, excellent variety and affordable prices.

If you are visiting London, the Fitzrovia apartments are a great place to stay in to be near the hustle and bustle of the city.

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