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Located in north-east London, Hackney Borough is surrounded by Haringey to the north, Newham to the east, Waltham Forest to the north-east, Tower Hamlets to the south-east and the City of London to the south-west. Hackney is also known as the hipster central. It is a multicultural area which has undergone a revival in the past. Today Hackney is extremely fashionable with a flourishing art scene. The area is home to stylists, writers, florists, pop stars and artists.

The place houses great cafes, independent bars, gastropubs, restaurants, markets and fashionable and vintage shops. Hackney also has an interesting nightlife scene with several special interest evenings taking place in the area.

Hackney isn’t served very well by London underground services. The nearby stations are Liverpool street and Old Street but there are however three London Overground lines serving Hackney. These are the North London Line, East London Line and Lea Valley Lines.

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