Places to Eat in Hackney

19 Numara BosCirrik

This famous kebab shop on the Stoke Newington serves delicious Turkish food in a no-frills and casual setting. The highlight of the place is its big ocakbasi charcoal grill.

Rasa N16

One of the best vegetarian restaurants in the city, Rasa N16 is nestled inside a flamingo-pink building. It offers home-cooked food from the state of Kerala in India.

II Cudega

A deli, restaurant and wine bar, II Cudega is where you get the best of Italy. Offering wines and food from the producers of the Italian region of Lombardy, the place is not worth a miss.


This pizza café serves some seriously delicious pizzas with good quality toppings. Try one of their delicacies and you will not stop.

The Clove Club

Situated within the lovely old Shoreditch Town Hall, The Clove Club serves a 5-course tasting option with focus on exclusive British ingredients and international spices. This is the first restaurant in the United Kingdom to introduce a ticketing system where diners pay for their food in advance.

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