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Broadway Market is a small but very popular market in Hackney. A large variety of goods at affordable prices makes Broadway a popular market in London. The Marissa V and Kate Garwood Ceramics are some of the must-go places here. Besides this, the market offers an excellent selection of organic food. With clothing stores selling vintage clothes and street wear; and health products stores sitting next to each other, Broadway is definitely a market for all.

Roman Road Market

The market is located on the oldest known trade route in Britain, the road that goes to Colchester and that was famously taken by Boudicea on her way to burn the Romans in London. Situated in East London, the road is a very friendly and happening place to shop. You must test your bargaining skills when here.

Columbia Road Flower Market

Columbia Road is the most colourful and fragrant market in the capital. Lined with trendy boutiques, this street is packed with stalls selling a beautiful range of flowers. Shrubs, flowers, pot plants, hanging baskets and bouquets turn the street into a dream land. The market is also home to a plenty of cafes, food stalls and restaurants. Need we say more?


There are several stores offering beautiful and exquisite art and craft goods in Hackney. Some of these stores are Ryantown, Nelly Duff, Cell Project Space, Supernice One Three Six, Between Bridges and Transition Gallery. A visit to these stores is sure to offer you a delightful experience.

For your house and garden, there are places such as WAWA, Ben Southgate, Warren Evans Furniture, Open House, Pot Luck, London Picture Centre and Litvinoff and Fawcett to name a few. A visit to any of these will not fail to inspire you!

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