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Whether visiting London for business or pleasure, serviced apartments are one of the best ways of spending one’s nights. With an abundance of excellent locations in some of the most popular travel destinations in the world, all serviced accommodation from guarantees comfort and convenience for the guests that choose them. Functioning as self-contained homes away from home, the apartments boast plush interiors and all the modern amenities a visitor could require, and also meticulously selects all its accommodation based on a range of criteria, so residents are sure never to be too far from local attractions or public transport hubs. Experience luxury living for less in some of the best cities in the world, and help create lasting memories out of even the shortest stay.

Some of the best serviced apartments near Hampstead include:

Offering a range of modern facilities, including private access, fitted kitchen units, high-speed Wi-Fi, and room cleaning and concierge services where available, the stylish and spacious accommodation options are growing increasingly popular among short term and long term travellers looking to stay in the Hampstead area. Whether coming or going, guarantees restful and relaxing nights for all guests, with a unique human touch offered throughout all their customer service to keep them coming back to London time and time again.

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More about Hampstead, London

Corporate Accommodation in Hampstead

Located close to the beating heart of London, Hampstead provides excellent transport links throughout the wider city, making it a perfect destination for those looking to do business in the capital’s commercial and financial quarters. Served by a number of TFL routes, trips into Central London can be completed in a matter of minutes, and the popular neighbourhoods of Camden and Kentish Town are right on the doorstep of all apartments. Industrious start-ups and sole traders will be able to get out into the main business hotspots in no time at all, making the apartments flexible and efficient accommodation options. They also come fully furnished, with fitted kitchens, flatscreen TVs, complimentary Wi-Fi and much, much more, meaning that even the busiest business resident can unwind after a long day. Maximise productivity and profitability with, and make every penny count.

Holiday Accommodation in Hampstead

Hampstead is also a convenient destination for those looking for a long-awaited leisure retreat, whether that be a first family holiday or a solo excursion. Close to the bustling inner city, while also providing easy access to the green spaces of the famous Heath, Hampstead offers many top sights and attractions just a short commute away, as well as plenty to see and do locally. Whatever is on the agenda, holiday apartments from can accommodate for quiet evenings in and nights on the town, thanks to their home-cooking and entertainment facilities. Plus, the cosy bedrooms allow guests to be well-rested for the next day, ensuring every trip is a memorable one.

Where to Stay in Hampstead

There are a number of notable neighbourhoods in the Hampstead area that offer great accommodation within easy walking distance of many top local sights and attractions. Belsize Park is a great central location within the district for its proximity to both the picturesque Hampstead Heath and Primrose Hill, and London Zoo is also a short commute away for animal lovers and families with children. The area around Gospel Oak is a popular destination for music fans due to the many gig venues located around Camden Town. Hampstead Garden Suburb meanwhile is home to both Highgate Golf Club and Hampstead Golf Club for those looking to tee off during their visit to London. Though London is generally a safe capital city to visit, guests are still advised to keep an eye on their possessions, as pickpockets may operate in even the quietest areas.

Facts About Hampstead

Perhaps best known for the vast green spaces of Hampstead Heath, an area of open-air parkland commanding some truly stunning views of London, Hampstead itself has a storied history in keeping with much of wider London. The name itself comes from the Anglo-Saxon phrase meaning ‘homestead’, and this atmosphere certainly carries through into the modern era. Here are some of our favourite facts about Hampstead to entice and entertain every new visitor:

  • The area of Hampstead has more millionaires within its boundaries than any other part of Britain.
  • Hampstead Tube Station is the deepest station of the entire London Underground Network. 192 feet below ground level, its lift shaft is also the deepest, at 181 feet, and the emergency spiral staircase consists of 300 steps.
  • Though Hampstead’s origins can be traced back to the 10th century AD, its growth came primarily in the early 1700s, when the village was marketed as a spring for its chalybeate waters. Due to competition with other spring towns, its popularity declined in the 1800s, until the arrival of the North London railway in the 1860s caused Hampstead to expand further. The spa was demolished in 1882.
  • Famous pubs in the area include The Old Bull & Bush, immortalised in the classic Cockney music hall song ‘Down At The Old Bull & Bush’, and The Spaniards Inn, where legendary highwayman Dick Turpin was alleged to have been a customer.
  • John Constable, the famous British landscape painter, is buried in Hampstead Parish Church. His works of art include many well-known paintings of the Heath and village, which are hung in galleries around the world.

Cost of Living in Hampstead

Though less expensive than some of the more central parts of London, rental prices in Hampstead can still be relatively high for most properties. With average monthly costs ranging anywhere from £700 to £2,000+, serviced accommodation becomes an increasingly viable option for extended stays given the many benefits and perks that go hand-in-hand with longer tenancy periods from

Day to day activities unfortunately offer little in the way of savings. Weekly travel passes (for Zones 1-2) can run to upwards of £35, though there are discounts available for certain residents, while meals out can range from £15 for a meal for one to £55 for a three-course dinner for two. The reasonably low price of local groceries does however mean that this expenditure can be offset by stay-at-home meals, always a viable option thanks to’s fully-equipped kitchens. Money can also be saved on local entertainment, including theatres and cinemas, with a whole selection of inexpensive ticket prices and membership options.

Things to Do in Hampstead

From paid day trips to fun freebies, there are plenty of things for new and returning visitors to see and do in and around Hampstead. Whether travelling solo or with the family, these are just a few of the top sights and attractions to help guests make the most out of their leisure time.

Q. What are the most popular things to do in Hampstead?

Here are just a few of the many opportunities for entertainment and enjoyment to act as the cherry on top of any stay:

  • Visit the former house of notable poet John Keats, a Grade I listed building and garden, and the setting that inspired some of his most beautiful works.
  • Or take a tour of the Freud Museum, the final home of the famous psychologist and now to an extensive collection showcasing his life and work.
  • Explore the old buildings of Fenton House and Burgh House & Hampstead Museum to get a feel for the area’s extensive history.
  • Get out into the open air with a visit to Parliament Hill, Hampstead Heath or Highgate Cemetery.

Q. What are some free things to do near Hampstead?

Want to save some pennies on those day-to-day activities? Here are some great ways of passing the time in Hampstead without breaking the bank:

  • Check out a local exhibition of contemporary art at Camden Arts Centre.
  • Explore the famous Heath for some of the most spectacular views in London – make sure to visit the Hill Garden arbour and pergola.
  • Window shop along Flask Walk or Hampstead High Street.

Q. What are the most family-friendly things to do near Hampstead?

For families with children, or simply the young at heart, there are a number of fun days out we would recommend:

  • Visit the animals of ZSL London Zoo, the world’s oldest scientific zoo, on the edge of Regent’s Park.
  • Check out the latest blockbusters and independent releases at the local Everyman Cinema.
  • Dive into Parliament Hill Lido, a fantastic open-air swimming pool near the Heath, or the Hampstead’s own bathing ponds, for a perfect summer’s day activity.

Places to Visit in Hampstead

Though the more popular sights and attractions of Central London can be reached in no time at all, Hampstead itself still boasts a number of fascinating tourist attractions and sites of historic significance. For any travellers looking to fill some hours in their spare time, here are a few of our favourite things to see and do locally:

  • Hampstead Heath - the primary attraction associated with the village, Hampstead Heath is one of the largest green spaces in London, with a total area of 790 acres. A great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the busy London streets, visitors can stand in the centre and completely forget they are in a city. Make sure to check out the great views from Parliament Hill.
  • John Keats House - a museum dedicated to the life and work of the famous poet John Keats, the man himself lived at this address while composing some of his most brilliant works. Exhibits include original manuscripts and artifacts from his life, and the museum regularly hosts live readings of his poems.
  • Flask Walk - a pedestrianised shopping avenue lined with shops and cafes, Flask Walk can help take visitors back in time to how Hampstead may have looked centuries ago. Away from the chain brand stores, shoppers can find a quirkier, more independent identity for their retail therapy. What’s not to like?
  • Sigmund Freud House - though the renowned psychologist only lived here for a year after escaping Austria in 1938, Freud still maintained a home practice on the site. Much of the house is perfectly preserved, with Freud’s study and library in particular really serving to help visitors get inside the mind of the man.
  • Kenwood House - another stately home turned into a museum, Kenwood House lies on the edge of the Heath, and features its own stunning gardens that only add to the area’s beauty. Inside, the house boasts fabulous Georgian and Neoclassical architecture, as well as a vast art collection. The grounds also host frequent classical concerts, and are a popular filming location.
  • The Hill Garden and Pergola - built to overlook the Heath in 1904, the Pergola and garden is a fantastic place to wander and take it all in. The Pergola itself is as wide as Canary Wharf is tall, itself a sight to behold.
  • The Bathing Ponds - another activity unique to the Heath, the bathing ponds are the only ones of their kind within the city. Formerly dammed-off clay pits that filled with water, these public bathing pools are now managed by the City of London, and separated into a ladies’ pond, men’s pond, and mixed pond. 
  • Hampstead Market - a local produce market, Hampstead Market runs every Saturday near Hampstead Parochial School, and with as many as 45 vendors selling everything from arts and crafts to homegrown fruit and veg, visitors are sure to find something to suit their needs.
  • Burgh House & Hampstead Museum - while many of the other house museums located in Hampstead are dedicated to an individual, Burgh House is dedicated to the history of Hampstead itself. The museum features local historic artifacts, as well as the personal stories of people and buildings in the area. And with over 3,000 items, there is plenty to discover, whether a tourist or a local.
  • Camden Arts Centre - a local contemporary art gallery, Camden Arts Centre frequently hosts exhibitions and workshops, while also aiming to educate and inspire young Hampstead residents in their creative pursuits. There are many courses available to take, from ceramics to painting and writing, which are suitable for all ages and abilities.

Places to Eat in Hampstead

Whenever nights out on the town are top of the agenda, residents of Hampstead are able to easily get out and explore the many fine bars and restaurants in the local area. From familiar chains to artisan eateries, there is a huge variety of dining options available catering to a range of tastes. With so much choice available, it can sometimes be hard to narrow a selection down.

Here are a few places to eat in Hampstead we would recommend to any visitor:

  • La Gaffe Italian Restaurant.
  • Mimmo La Bufala.
  • The Wells.
  • Côte Brasserie.
  • Jin Kichi.
  • Paradise.
  • Carluccio’s.
  • La Creperie De Hampstead.
  • The Rajdoot.
  • The Freemasons Arms.

Street Food in Hampstead

Street food is also an option in the area, with the likes of Hampstead Market and Primrose Hill Market offering delicious pop-up food stalls for hungry visitors. For a genuine street food experience however, we would recommend looking to some of the more regular pop-up markets around Central London, such as Model Market, Whitecross Market, Street Food Union, and the Southbank Centre Food Market. Delicious!

Shopping in Hampstead

Residents of Hampstead can find plenty of high street chains and independent boutiques in which to indulge in some retail therapy. From fashion to fine dining, sports and technology, there is a great selection available to explore close to home, and excellent transport links also mean that the more popular shopping destinations of Stratford, Oxford Street and Covent Garden are just a short commute away for visitors looking for something specific.

Some of the best places to shop in Hampstead include:

  • Hampstead High Street - the main high street in the area, featuring unique boutiques, brand name stores, and more.
  • Flask Walk - a pedestrianised avenue lined with shops, pubs and cafes, visitors can shop for anything from flowers to antiques, not to mention wining and dining when done.
  • Camden Market - a short distance away from Hampstead, Camden Market features over a thousand shops and stalls selling fashion, music, art and food, located in the historic former Pickfords stables.
  • Brent Cross Shopping Centre - located up the road from Hampstead, this large shopping centre features many well-known brand stores, technology shops, and food and drink outlets.

Transportation in Hampstead

Getting around the wider city is easy. London’s public transport system is world-famous, and with 11 Underground lines covering 270 stations, visitors can be assured they will never be too far from home. The Hampstead area is served by several stations and lines: Hampstead and Belsize Park (Northern Line), Hampstead Heath (Overground), and West Hampstead (Jubilee and National Rail) to name but a few. These stations are arguably the most efficient ways of getting out and about, with Day Travelcards available to purchase (accepted through Zones 1-5) for £18.10.

The capital city is of course famous for its iconic red buses, and these can both be a great way of sightseeing during travel. Buses in particular are exceptionally useful: they can be boarded with a simple tap of a Contactless Payment Card, Travelcard or Oyster (£1.50 for a single fare, £4.50 for a day of bus-only travel), and run over 700 routes, including 52 night services. Black cabs are another useful way of travelling around the city, and many of the cab drivers can also offer unique insights and local knowledge of the various areas. These can be a little pricy though, so make sure to use sparingly.

Weather in Hampstead

Due to a generally temperate climate throughout much of the UK, the weather in Hampstead can be quite unpredictable, with temperatures ranging from below freezing during winter, to dry and balmy heights of thirty and above in the summer. Wet weather gear is however essential packing for any time of year, as downpours can still be just a cloud away. September is usually a good time to visit Hampstead, as this month offers warm days and comfortably cool evenings, allowing travellers to maximise their time away and make the most out of their city break.