Hoxton Attractions

Geffrye Museum

With William Morris and Ikea under the same roof, Geffrye is definitely one of the rare museums. The museum displays the changing style of the interiors of the English from the 1600s to the present.

Surrounded by gardens on all sides, Geffrye is set in a sequence of beautiful 18th century almhouses. A walk through the various rooms of the museum tells you a lot about English furniture, art and paintings and how these there has been a progression in these areas.

Rivington Place

Rivington Place is an art gallery committed to culturally varied arts. A venture between Autograph ABP and the Institute of International Visual Arts, the gallery opened in 2007. 15000 square foot in area, the venue is home to seminar rooms, educational facilities and also Stuart Hall Library.

St Leonard’s Church

This landmark forms the bridge between the East community and the fashion hub of London. It is designed by George Dance in the year 1736.

Parasol Unit

Parasol Unit works towards upholding contemporary art for the benefit of the public. The main purpose of this attraction is to showcase the work of artists from around the world. Every year, there are three or four exhibitions in areas like sculpture, painting, installation, video or photography.

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